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  1. grainfree

    Problems With Coffee?

    Welcome. Yes, I did, after switching to a cheaper brand of ground coffee. I took this to mean that I should decrease...
  2. When I eliminated dairy from my diet I was constipated for three days (after having the runs continuously). I have been...
  3. grainfree

    Gluten Free Food Making Me Worse

    "I was eating fast food all the time and getting about 4,000 calories a day, but I couldn't gain a single pound. " ...
  4. grainfree

    Introducing A New One

    Beautiful Daphne! Congratulations and enjoy your new little one!
  5. grainfree

    Ketchup Problems

    Perhaps this is related to the ketchup problem. I recently had an unmistakeable gluten-type reaction after drinking...
  6. grainfree

    Constant Hunger Finally Going Away?

    Continued success to you, CGally! I too was hungry but diminished when I went grain-free. The headaches (from dairy products...
  7. grainfree

    Weird Ways We've Been Glutened

    I had a reaction after eating a cashew Larabar. The ingredients are cashews and dates. According to the Canadian Celiac...
  8. Perhaps inspiration is needed. This blog for visual inspiration as well as practical cooking ideas - glutenfreegirl...
  9. Website states Gingerbons gluten-free, but other products contain gluten. Any recommendations?
  10. grainfree

    Rice Dream?

    The percentage barley protein printed on the Rice Dream rice milk box I purchased is .002. I had a reaction.
  11. grainfree

    Cramps In Thighs--

    Severe cramps in calf (sometimes in the thigh) most often waking me from sleep - became progressively worse over two...
  12. grainfree

    Happy Birthday Tarnalberry

    I wish you a very happy birthday in an extra special year. Congratulations and enjoy.
  13. I echo everyone here in their experience to the endoscopy - no problem whatsoever. And the good news is, once its done...
  14. grainfree

    Confused About Dairy Reaction

    There seem to be some predictable outcomes after starting the gluten-free diet such as eliminating dairy, soy and other...
  15. grainfree

    Synthroid And Vertigo

    Very good point! The medication is absorbed at small intestines. Medication not absorbed due to celiac disease disrupting...