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  1. Hi everyone I was diagnosed 2 years ago, and have been gluten-free since. I went out with a friend yesterday and we went to get dessert. I ordered a Hot fudge sundae and told the waitress I have celiac, she checked the gluten-free menu...
  2. Jennifer2

    Golden Valley, Mn

    Hi everyone I'll be visiting friends/family who live in Golden Valley. Any suggestions for good restaurants in that area? Thanks Jennifer
  3. I'll be taking a business trip to Mahwah, NJ in September. I'll be there for 5 days. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to eat? Thanks Jennifer
  4. There are a number of people who are self diagnosed, don't worry about the doc. I've also read that some people don't want a "real" diagnosis because of health insurance reasons. Bottom line is, if the diet makes you feel better, stay...
  5. I'm looking for a gluten-free brand of french onion soup. I have a recipe that calls for the canned stuff. I could use a mix also if I had one. Thanks Jennifer
  6. Jennifer2

    Dog Food And Dog Bite

    My understanding is that the gluten actually enters the bloodstream via tight junctions in the intestinal wall (which is actually normal), but people with celiac disease produce antibodies to the gluten that other people don't. So this...
  7. Amazon has some pretty good deals. As far as bread, IMO there is no comparison to Udi's, unfortunately you have to order from them-some whole foods also carry it, but mainly in the west. You might be surprized what your local store carries...
  8. Jennifer2

    Label Laws In United States

    Because the label law is not for gluten or celiacs, it is for people with a wheat allergy. The label law is for the top 8 allergens, of which gluten is not one. We just happened to luck out since wheat is one of the foods we have to avoid...
  9. I don't think anyone who doesn't have to deal with it day in and day out can truely understand the complexities of the diet. BUT, I do present it to people as "not that big of a deal". Most people that I've told about it get overwhelmed...
  10. I agree with what others have said. The only gluten-free specialty items I keep on hand are flours, pasta, and bread. Everything else in my house is just normal grocery store items. I've had to switch brands of a few things, but nothing...
  11. Jennifer2

    How To Help A 21 Year Old Son

    I looked into doing a weekend cooking class about a month ago just for fun. I called and asked if they could accomodate my eating issues and they said they've done it for others in the past by getting that person gluten-free ingredients...
  12. Actually, I didn't give a time. When I walk, it's usually for about an hour-3 miles. When I was running it was for 2.5miles~30min. Both are pretty close in calories burned. When I was running, I would alternate 1 day run, 1 day walk...
  13. Most people I've told have been very supportive of it. Most didn't know I was having problems. Of course I get a few people that don't understand that I can't just have a little bit "since I've been eating it all my life" or that don't...
  14. Jennifer2

    How To Help A 21 Year Old Son

    That's a tough one. If he doesn't seem interested in learning the things that will help him lead a more normal life, then I'm not sure what you can do. On the other hand, he is 21 when being "normal" is pretty important to people, so having...
  15. I eat skippy natural with no problems. If they are produced on the same lines as wheat, it should be on the label-not so for barley and rye. It also could be the nuts themselves. I have GI problems after eating almonds, all other nuts...