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  1. The turkey is from the Whole Foods Market and has no added antibiotics or hormones etc. and the only meds. she is taking are levothyroxine for hypothyroidism and Low-Ogestrel Birth control to regulate her cycle. Both I was informed are gluten free.
  2. My daughter is 26 years old and was diagnosed about 5 months ago with EE. She has tried proton pump inhibitors (omeprazole and pepcid) with no relief from these at all. She has continued chest pain and her GI put her on Flovent and said to eliminate the 8 major food allergens as well. She had already been gluten free for 1 1/2 years. So we eliminated the other allergens and she has had no relief from this or the flovent. The doctor said to discontinue the flovent and wanted to put her on Donnatal and Nulev but we are awaiting a pre-authorization from medicare as they don't cover these meds. In the mean time I started her on an elimination diet 3 days ago (Turkey, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Green Beans and Water. She is still having no relief after 4 days. Just wondering if more time is needed to see any relief or should we change the foods? There are times when she says she doesn't want to eat and this is unusual for her. Has anyone else had experience with EE and what has helped? Are there other things she should be tested for? We are trying some Pepto Bismol tonight to see if it will help. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to All
  3. glutengal

    Elimination Diet

    Thanks again, you have been very helpful.
  4. glutengal

    Elimination Diet

    Thanks GFM for your reply it is greatly appreciated. You say there is no long term nutritional risk to going a week or two on this limited diet. But if we are only adding 1 food back at a time after the week or two trial period it seems as if the would be pretty long term in order to get enough foods back into her diet. Maybe I am looking to deep into this, I don't know but just concerned it will take months to get enough foods back to be healthly and get the proper vitamins and minerals.
  5. Hope I put this in the right forum. If not I guess one of the moderators will move it. I have a 26 year old daughter who has been gluten free for 2 years now. The diet has helped get rid of the daily headaches and stomach pains, as well as peroidic bouts of diarrhea. She was tested by both blood test and biopsy for celiac disease and both came back negative so I put her on a gluten free diet after testing. However, she started getting bad chest pains about 6 months ago and was diagnosed by biopsy with eosinophilic esophagitis. She has tried omeprazole and some others and none of them have helped her. The doctor then put her on flovent and said to eliminate the eight major food allergens. She has not had any relief with the flovent or eliminating gluten/wheat, dairy/casein, eggs, soy,peanuts/tree nuts, fish and shellfish. The chest pains have actually worsened. She went back to her GI 2 weeks ago and he said to stop the flovent since it was not helping. He then gave prescriptions for Donnatal and Nulev because he thinks she may be having esophageal spasms. However, when we went to have them filled the Pharmacy could not fill them because she has medicare and medicaid and said they were not covered under either one. We have since filed with medicare for a pre-authorization to see if they will cover them and are waiting a response. If they will not cover them, I am thinking about putting her on an elimation diet to see what foods are bothering her (I am actually thinking of doing this anyway because medications only mask the problem). I had wanted to do this under the supervision of a Dietician but once again, NOT covered under medicare or medicaid. I am not sure how to do this and this is the part where I am looking for some help from the others on this forum. I have read some on elimation diets and most say to start with just Turkey, Brown Rice, and Cooked Vegetables and to hold off on Fruits. They state to do this for about 1 week. My questions are: How does she get enough nutrition? Does she eat these same foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for a week or can she eat a few meats, vegetables etc. to start out and then add back one food at a time? Please if anyone has knowledge of how to start this I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe some ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Also, if she can actually eat any other foods starting out than the ones above please let me know.
  6. glutengal

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    Thank you I will check into these.
  7. glutengal

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    Thanks so much to all of you who replied. Is all D3 supplements derived from fish oil as my DD cannot have fish. thought the one i bought her at whole foods said no fish ingredients. She does not live at home with me so I will have to check the bottle next time I go see her. She cannot read so I can't have her check it. Hope the one I bought is ok.
  8. glutengal

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    Why is it vitamin d2 and not d3. Both of my parents are deficient and were told by their doctor to supplement with d3. What is the difference?
  9. My daughter has been gluten free for a year and a half now. She tested negative for celiac by blood and biopsy. Being gluten free has helped tremendously with the headache and stomach pains however, she was diagnosed 3 months ago with eosinophilic esophagitis. Her GI has said to eliminate the eight major food allergens (gluten/wheat,dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts/tree nuts, fish/shellfish) and has put her on Flovent. My questions is how does she get the proper amount of Vitamin D in her diet when she can't eat eggs, dairy or fish? I have asked the Dr. but don't get any answer but supplements and am not sure how much to even give her. Are supplements the only option? She is 26 years old. She is hypothyroid and has a history of brain tumor.
  10. glutengal

    Vertigo And Gluten Connection

    Thank you for your input and yes I am looking in to being tested for celiac but being that I went back to eating gluten I am trying to wait at least 3 mths. to hopefully get accurate results with a gluten challenge. Not to bad at this point. I hope I can deal with it for long enough. If not I will go back off gluten without a definitive diagnosis. I am also trying to get my dad to be tested as his medical history suggest the possibility he is celiac also. My daughter also just got diagnosed a month ago with Eosinophilic Esophagitis and the doctor wants her to eliminate the 8 major food allergens. Whoo Hoo!!! What a treat. Is there anything else? Let's hope not. She has already been through so much in her 26 years, starting with a brain tumor at 6 years old. Then lost her hearing and now has a cochlear implant. Thanks all for letting me vent. This forum is great and everyone is so helpful and informative. Best of health to you all.
  11. glutengal

    Vertigo And Gluten Connection

    I understand the feeling of being scared of falling. I was scared to drive also and it has taken a while to get the courage up to try it. So far so good.....
  12. glutengal

    Vertigo And Gluten Connection

    I have suggested it but think it is on deaf ears as he was also diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma mantel cell about 3 years ago (in remission right now)but they say it is most likely to recurr with this type. I mentioned to he and my mother to be tested for celiac because of the relation between non-hodgkins and also B-12 and he also just recently (as well as my mother recently)was found to be vitamin D deficient. He is a very stubborn person and it is very difficult to get him to listen to anyone. Just last week he had sudden terrible stomach pains and was very constipated and tried to relieve the constipation with a vegetable laxative and an enema and the next morning was still in horrible pain. He went to his GP and the GP sent him straight to the emergency room because he thought my father had a possible bowel obstruction. At the emergency room they thought the same thing and sent him immediately for a CT scan. They were totally shocked to find out he actually had an acute ruptured appendictis and if he had not gotten to the hospital when he did they said he probably would have died very soon. Soooo scary. I had mine out at 18 and they said mine was close to rupturing. I hope he will reconsider the test for celiac but I don't really think he will. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. glutengal

    Vertigo And Gluten Connection

    Thanks so much for all your responses, they are greatly appreciated. Bully4You- My period has not been regular for about 3 years now. I go maybe 2-4 months without one and then it comes. I have mentioned it to my GP and she just says I am at the age of possible perimenopause and brushes it off. I guess it is possible there could be some connection but don't really think so. I had a period about 2 months ago and none this month. Don't seem to notice the vertigo is at all associated with this. Never had problems with cramps, pms or heavy periods, they are always a fairly medium flow. gf_soph- The B-12 is something I will mention to my GP as my father has taken B-12 injection for several years now. P.S.- I also have hypothyroid and was just diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency a couple months ago.