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  1. EJR

    Red Heads

    Another redhead here. My grandparents were from Norway so have the fair skin, freckles, etc.
  2. EJR

    What Could It Be?

    The Butterball turkey may be the culprit. I looked on their website and the turkey has 'modified food starch' injected...
  3. I am allergic to soy (skin-prick test at allergists). My first symptom was a burning and stinging sensation and slightly...
  4. Thank you for this information, Mushroom. It describes very well what I also experience. I have had SVT's (supraventricular...
  5. Hello EJR, Ive been reading an old post about the abdominal pain you were experiencing at night time.

    My daughter has recently been diagnosed as Celiac and is suffering with the same pain at night. Did you ever find out how to control this? She is already on the diet and was ok for a few months but recently had a stomach bug and is up every night again.

    Any advice you can give please?

  6. EJR

    Chia Seed

    I've been eating them for about two months. I have found that they help keep me 'regular'. They have the benefits...
  7. Yes, I have had shingles twice now. The first time when I was about 40 years old. And then I had a very bad outbreak...
  8. Hi All, I am 64 years old and have suffered increasing food intolerances for the last 7 years. It all seemed to...
  9. Sorry I didn't quite get the dates right regarding weight loss. Nov. 07 to Jan 09 lost 50 lbs. Holding at 117-119...
  10. Hi Gemini, The description you used for my doctor seems to fit quite nicely. But perhaps she is correct, I'm not...
  11. Hi Ravenwoodglass, Thank you so much for you kind and understanding reply. I'm really not too worried about the Big...
  12. Just last week I broke out in a rash. It starts at my spine (waist level) and goes at an angle down my buttocks and...
  13. Hi David, I just read your other posts as well. Have you considered that carrageenan which is found in many foods...
  14. EJR

    Blood And Biopsy Results

    Hi Jason, I have been following and reading your posts for the last few months. Your problems with food sound very...
  15. EJR

    Taro Root

    Anyway just wanted to say that I was very brave and tried some of the Taro Root tonight. I just boiled it for about...