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  1. My Niece had a reaction this past week. After considerable thought about the cause I have come to suspect Arrowhead...
  2. IrishHeart Your input is greatly appreciate. It seems to me as group the only people who understand people on gluten...
  3. mamaw I would appreciate info about the gastrologist and your ministry. Thanks for your offer.
  4. My experience with the medical community has not been a positive one. A pill for anxiety, another pill for headaches...
  5. Not to happy with my PCP or my Gastrolgeist and I have been researching other Docters in SW Pennsylvania. There is...
  6. I'm not feeling sorry for myself anymore, nor do feel all alone. You guys are great-- time for me to, "Celebrate good...
  7. At first it was just about feeling better, but now that I do feel better I can't help but just feel sorry for myself...
  8. lloydke


    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. Keith
  9. lloydke


    I have not felt good for the past two weeks and I have a question. Frito Laye Cheetos-- Modified corn meal...
  10. lloydke


    I am new to the glutten free diet and I have not contributed very much to forum; but have used it to a great extent as...
  11. lloydke

    Frustrated, Confused, And Angry

    As I anticipated the test was negative for celiac. I need some advise. I have decided to start a food jornal to try...
  12. lloydke

    Frustrated, Confused, And Angry

    Thanks guys, I just needed to vent. I have Dr appt on friday and the biopsy results should be in by then. It will...
  13. I have had a sensitive stomach since my teens and never thought much of it until this year when I started other problems...