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  1. Yep, they are gluten free and they are sooo good. Not as good as the ones you get actually at Starbucks though
  2. Sounds like life is a bit crazy for you!! I hope it slows down sometime soon. I think I have your e-mail.....I think haha and used to have your sn....hummm wonder what happened to that! ha

  3. Haven't seen you online in a million years! Ihope all is well. You need to start posting again :)

  4. Hey girley. I haven't talked to you in FOREVER! I hope life is going well.


  5. I have not had a problem with Cheetos but that brand some people have had a problem with.
  6. I will only have stevia, xylitol, or regular sugar..will not have anything artificial
  7. Breyers, Edy's, Ben & Jerry's are all my favorite. I also found Hersheys Cotton Candy ice cream that I love.
  8. Do you have the forbidden list of foods and ingredients from this site? That would definitely help you as far as your question goes.
  9. I use Aunt Jemimma and pure maple syrup. There are quite a few that are gluten free:)
  10. I use Pillsbury frosting alot and alot of theirs is gluten free
  11. SPELT=GLUTEN. As said, it is not gluten free! I was told it was too and they are giving out false info by saying that...it is not gluten free at all!!! Stay away from it.
  12. I use Enzymatic Therapy ones and they are gluten free-say it right on the bottle and taste pretty good too(not to mention very small)
  13. Your best bet would be to pack something along. I don't know of many things at fairs that would be safe.
  14. When I get nausea(which is one of the main symptoms I get when glutened)I use a homeopathic spray called Stomach Distress by Liddell. I also will sometimes use coke syrup.