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  1. I've been in the mood for a "hamburger" type meal on and off this summer. I've tried a few gluten-free veggie burgers and I take a bite and the burger (not the bun) falls apart. Grrrrrrrr. Does anyone know of a veggie burger that doesn't fall apart? Thanks! Susan
  2. My daughter was diagnosed at 14 and now at 26 I can tell you she has a full and active social life. She drinks gluten-free beer, wine, Tito's vodka (I'm making her sound like a big drinker, she isn't!) you can drink being gluten-free. I was diagnosed before anyone knew what it was. There was...
  3. Ha! Maybe it is MA! I don't mean to make light of the issue, I know for someone just diagnosed it all can seem daunting but it took me 11 years to get diagnosed and by that time I was really sick. I thought, at times, that I was dying so when someone told me, "hey you can feel all better by not eating...
  4. I agree with the post above, getting the gluten out of your system doesn't take that long but the damage it does can last a long time. I get glutened occasionally at restaurants but not often. I have a few I trust and eat at with very few problems. At new places (if I'm traveling) I make a...
  5. I was diagnosed so long ago that I didn't have any of the options that are available today. I curious about if you are trying to be diagnosed as Celiac, if you are just unsure what being on a celiac diet involves or are you gluten free and not feeling better? My doctor at the time of my diagnosis...
  6. I'm a gluten-free vegetarian. That being said I was taking prednisone for 2 months (unrelated to my celiac) and got a diet a friend was doing and tried it to lose the 10 lbs I gained from the steroid. I ate eggs for breakfast, hard boiled or an omelet. I had a salad with Beyond Meat Chicken (fake...
  7. I have Celiac, eosinophilic gastroenteritis and a ton of food allergies. I was not diagnosed with Celiac until I was in my mid 40's but had GI problems for a good 10 + years prior, so that may have contributed to my other problems. Susan
  8. Well I'll add another possibility... eosinophilic disease, depending on where the cells collect changes the symptoms. I have many in my colon and stomach (eosinophilic gastroenteritis) but if you get them in the esophagus then you have EE. I have some there and I have had all sorts of problems...
  9. Actually we are going to start using a silicone gel type of implant again here in the US for cosmetic purposes. However most implants are filled with saline solution which should it leak you won't have a problem. I am the plastic surgery queen.... I don't have breast implants, I happen to love...
  10. I just bought my bottle at the Stop and Shop on Cape Cod, MA and my ingredients are the same as what Elonwy posted above. NO malt listed at all. Also I've used it many times with no problems and I react severly and swiftly! Susan
  11. Oh don't worry I'm staying gluten free, I get so sick every time I accidently get glutened. I'm just down, I guess, about having something else wrong with me. Eosinophilic gastroenteritis is rare so there are not big groups and such like there are for celiac disease. I joined the Yahoo groups...
  12. Just for the record I've been gluten free for 1 year and 3 months. I felt great for the first few months and then symptoms started to return, not to mention new ones. I don't like drugs either but I've felt so terrible lately that I'm at a point where I'll try them. I've also got 6 small ulcers...
  13. I posted about the results of my endo. and colonos. and I didn't get any comments at all. But I have since found out what I have is Eosinophilic gastroenteritis. This is on top of Celiac. It means I will have to elminate more food from my life, take steroids, and general I'll be a lot...
  14. Fritos make me sick every time I eat them, I'm not sure why but they do. susan
  15. I just want to say I'm a huge gluten reactor and every time I used La Choy I reacted. I have switched to San-J Wheat-Free Organic Tamari Soy Sauce and I've not had a single problem. I'm not saying that La Choy has gluten I'm just saying SOMETHING in it bothers me. Susan