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  1. Ravenwood, Thanks for your input...that's great information to have. I'm going to ask my doctor to refer me to a...
  2. Nora, Thanks for your input. I had seen the Dr. Gluten website, but I will definitely read more today. And thanks...
  3. Does anyone know if these two products look to be unsafe? I've tried to research both (especially "coconut oil" and...
  4. Ok, here's my current situation: I just had my endoscopy and biopsy yesterday. The procedure went OK--the doctor...
  5. Thank you Fluffy Assassin! I'm finding out much of what you said to be true--things like celiac can cause a variety...
  6. Hi everyone, I've read many personal accounts of celiac on here, and I think this website is GREAT! I wanted to see...