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  1. For pumpkin pie..What kind of dairy free milk is best to use when baking? Could I substitute soy milk for evaporative milk? If not, anyone have any ideas? Thanks Carol *Gluten & Dairy Intolerant
  2. Our family went on a Carnival Cruise last August and I notified them ahead of time that I needed foods that were gluten free. I was shocked, not only did they follow through with gluten free meals, but they tasted good. The matri/host was wonderful. And the fresh baked bread made gluten free was good. I did not eat outside of the dining halls. Did not want to take a chance on ruining my cruise. But I was extremely surprised how well the food was in the dining area and did not get sick at all. Oh, I did take my own snack foods, like crackers and candy and chips.
  3. I recently underwent every test for celiac disease and all test came back negative. The doctor has dx. me with gluten intolerence. I told the doctor that being dx. with "celiac disease" did not make a difference. I know now after going gluten free that that has been my problem all along. Whether I am dx. with celiac disease or gluten intolerance to me is basically the same treatment----- NO GLUTEN for me. Also after going gluten free I have also become lactose intorante. But will try and re-introduce lactose in a few months, but slowly. Also, I have epilepsy for the last 22 years and at first going gluten free my seizure activity was MUCH less, but now after about 4 months being gluten free the seizures are back.
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