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  1. Gemini, can I ask what FOUR autoimmune problems you were diagnosed with? I am trying to make a list of things to take to my hematologist when I visit in August. Thank you.
  2. Thanks, Gemini. It's ridiculous that I'm 25 and have had a VERY low white blood cell count most of my life and no one has found out the cause yet. I am tired of dealing with it NOW. I see my hematologist again in August. I am going to have to ask him to test me for as many autoimmune disorders...
  3. Strawberrynin, I do know that my ferritin levels are very low. I've had that tested before.
  4. Hello there. I'm new here. I was just diagnosed with gluten intolerance today. I am wondering if anyone else here has a low white blood cell count or had a low white blood cell count but going completely gluten free has raised it or at least made your blood levels normalize? I've had a...