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    Los Angeles?

    Hi, Found a new store in Burbank that's all gluten-free - Pam MacD's Gluten Free Market (I think Market). They're open now.
  2. lucedith

    Bread Machines

    Thanks for your help. I usually do bake without (really never have ANY luck with a machine), but wanted a consenses for another reason. Thanks again, and a good New Year to you.
  3. Trying this blog again - hope it works. I am about to replace my old Breadman bread machine. It has no settings for gluten free and I am reading many of them do. Just trying to find out which are the better ones. Not too concerned about price. Thanks!
  4. Hi Rachel, All of these suggestions are great ones. Especially sticking with foods that contain no gluten - rice, fish, meat, vegetables. His "gut" needs to heal. No fun giving up bread though. The FDA has mandated that all new labeling beginning this year must show what allergins the food contains - gluten, nuts, eggs, shellfish etc. Gluten free foods are much tastier and the market will be expanding in the next few years. For the time being I stick with Pamela's or the Gluten-Free Pantry. A lot of it is hit and miss when it comes to individual taste. In short it is a lot easier than when I was diagnosed in the mid 90's. One thing I might advise for you, Rachel, is to be tested yourself. From what I've read over the years, Celiac Disease CAN be hereditary with an indication that it is passed on with a bit more frequency from father to daughter. But of course, ABSOLUTELY check with your MD first. Don't go on a gluten free diet without being tested first!! If you do not have celiac disease, but follow a gluten free diet, you will not be able to have an accurate diagnosis. I would also have your father check with his MD about vitamins. Various vitamin B's are affected in following a gluten free diet. Most of all, be calm. It's not the end of the world as your Dad knows it. His body will tell him when a mistake occurs - we all make them!! To this day I keep forgetting to be sure they "hold" the croutons on my salads.
  5. My old breadman was designed before gluten free categories were a consideration. What new bread machines are out there?