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  1. It is what it is right now. I use my phone app to check and see if it's safe for me.
  2. Hi, Help me understand your definition of a, "Severe Case", Do you have that as a written diagnoses from your Doctor? Do you have a note from your Doctor not to work, with the pandemic/ BTW, Do you have DH?
  3. So you did a 90 elimination diet and you're positive that you gave it enough time? Remember it took me 10 years to find relief. Yes, it took 10 years to figure out 7 foods that are gluten free that were causing GI issues. It takes a long time when your body has issues with multiple foods...
  4. Sounds like some other food or foods may be bothering you as well as gluten. It only took 10 years to figure out the 7th food that was bothering me.
  5. Low vitamin D is Bad, as well as HIGH vitamin D. I had those bone aches and one year after being diagnosed and being gluten free I tested 14.6 (vitamin D). It took 9 months to get my D up with prescription D(50,000 IU). Will your Vitamin D labs be covered in the future, once you're diagnosed...
  6. You may consider gene testing to see if you are grouped with those with celiac. I had a co-worker go gluten free and it changed his life. He didn't bother getting diagnosed before going gluten-free and it backfired on him down the road. We both ended up on different job sites and I didn...
  7. It really would help to know if you have celiac disease. It was from an infant till age 56 before I was diagnosed with DH/celiac. It was 10 years ago that I was diagnosed after suffering so many years. I can't eat the big 4 plus onions, nuts, corn, dairy, bananas or strawberries. On...
  8. Easterlily, Are you sure you're eating a strict gluten-free diet??
  9. Kam, Been there. IMO, You need a new MD, one that knows how to treat those with Celiac Disease. I need 5000 ius of D3 daily this time of the year(late fall till early spring). Good Luck.
  10. One needs to ask their own body what immune diseases, cancers, or other health issues it may decide to bless you with. The Medical Science Book for this disease isn't complete and there's no way that we can say what is safe for you. Don't be foolish with so called, "Cheat Days".....
  11. I second the onion issue! Read the small print warning on all pain killers. Some contain small print warning not to take them more than 10 days/month. Taking them more may cause hearing loss.