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  1. captaincrab55

    Glutened by peanut M&Ms ?

    Do you eat peanuts without issues?
  2. captaincrab55

    I need support from those who know

    Easterlily, Are you sure you're eating a strict gluten-free diet??
  3. captaincrab55

    Vitamin D deficiency?

    Kam, Been there. IMO, You need a new MD, one that knows how to treat those with Celiac Disease. I need...
  4. captaincrab55

    How much is too much gluten?

    One needs to ask their own body what immune diseases, cancers, or other health issues it may decide to bless you with...
  5. captaincrab55

    Taking Advil to cope with pain?

    I second the onion issue! Read the small print warning on all pain killers. Some contain small print warning...
  6. IMO, You need to find several new Doctors that understand Celiac Disease. You need to be seen by a Dermatologist...
  7. captaincrab55

    question about the rash

    razzle, Just making skin contact causes a rash and itch for me.
  8. captaincrab55

    Skin Issues from Ceilac's

    You could have DH. gluten-free is a strict diet that doesn't allow for an oops. If you have DH also, it may...
  9. captaincrab55


    I was diagnosed with DH in 09 and I still break out, but not nearly as bad. I follow a strict gluten-free diet, but...
  10. captaincrab55

    Newly diagnosed, really anxious...

    Mnoosh, Can you give us a link to the article you read about the increased risk after being diagnosed and maintaining...
  11. captaincrab55

    Vitamin D supplement?

    OK, How low was your Vitamin D level??
  12. captaincrab55

    Just a question?

    Belle, Celiac Disease isn't an allergy. Now a question for you, will an epipen work for intolerances??
  13. captaincrab55

    How long for relief of DH?

    Sounds like the OP's Dermatologist tested her in the wrong way. squirming, Posted some great information on DH...