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  1. Hi Yes I have taken supplements like calcium/magnesium and B. Vitamins for years although I have only just started taking the sublingual B12 in the last week, so perhaps when that really gets into my system I might get some releif. I did have very bad experiences when I was a child about being and feeling safe and lots of other issues. I suffered with my nerves horrificly and my mother used to call me highly strung. I have been working with an alternative practioner for a lot of problems including the safety issue but this is the one that I am having the biggest difficulty in shifting and obviousley the one I want to get rid of the most. I just thought that if I was celieac when I was a child perhaps coping with stressful situations were made ten times worse and the issue is embedded in my brain now.
  2. For years since I have been ill I have suffered with severe anxiety. Although I have been gluten free for 3 months it doesn't seem to have gone down and it has got to the stage when I cannot make plans even to go on holiday abroad or in this country with my family because I just go into complete panic mode. My daughter and my husband are planning to go on holiday abroad in about 3 weeks time and I desperately want to go with them but as soon as I think about flying or being in a different country I am a mental wreck. Last year I made it to a hotel and half way through the holiday my nerves got the better of me and the rest of the holiday was ruined. Is this part of the illness or is this my insecurities that I seemed to have carried around with me for years?
  3. Hi Ohsotired. I cannot help you with the thyroid issue but some years ago was on Cortisone for a year and weaned myself off it by taking Pantothenic Acid and Borage oil. Both of these feed the Adrenals and I am still on them now.
  4. Jackpru

    Muscle Shaking

    Sorry pressing all the wrong buttons today. In answer to your inquiry about what I can and cant tolerate. Garlic and onions upset me make me have a bad head really bad with pain on the one side and I feel like I am hung over for a couple of days. Coconut oil has the same affect. Soy makes me feel tired, Maize upsets my stomach, haven't really noticed peaches upsetting although dont really eat them unless they are in a fruit salad but I think when I ate Pineapple a few weeks ago I stopped for some reason probably the acid upsetting me. I think my thyroid is just sensative full stop but more so with stimulating ingredients. On the positive side I can eat apples and bananas that I not quite ripe which reminds me I cannot eat a lot of sugar because then my stomach starts churning and I have diarrohea, so sounds a bit like Candida. I take Probitics everyday but when I tried digestive enzymes they made me ill again stimulated me as I was awake all night. I end up eating a lot of brown rice, rice cakes, chicken, lamb vegetables and I am beginning to suspect the Red Potatoes that I was told were okay to eat might be making me feel sleepy. Anyway I will take your advice about the B12 and order some. I do take supplements:- Flaxseed, Starflower Oil, calcium/magnesium, Biotin, Vit D, Boran,Milkthistle, Pantothenic acid, Folic Acid, MSM and Bilberry. Thats another thing I take Bilberry because my eyesight is in a mess - floaters, short sight, blurring. I think I just ought to go to the knackers yard!
  5. Jackpru

    Muscle Shaking

    Just want to thank you for your replies, this website is fantastic and so many of you are there for support. I am finding each day foods that are telling my body or my body telling me that they dont still like the foods I am putting into it. Like yesterday I went out shoppping and bought a "natural" fruit drink with no additives unfortunately after having stomach pains and diarrhoea last night realized that I couldn't cope with the lemon in the drink. Also when I have anything like eggs or fish I have terrible headaches and fatigue and now realize that the selenium in the eggs and iodine in the fish probably stimulates my thyroid as it is very sensative. I will try the powdered calcium/magnesium but think I will have to find one that is not citrate because of the citric acid upsetting me. It seems this battle has only just begun but with all your support it makes it a lot less difficult.
  6. Hi everyone, I read all your imput and sometimes I wonder if anyone recovers from this illness. I have been gluten free /dairy/soya/nightshades now for 3 months and apart from the swelling going down in my feet I really cant say that I have any other improvement. My shaking doesn't seem to improve one bit and this I find is one of the most frustrating symptoms as I cant stand for very long and am constantly searching for somewhere to plonk myself down if I go out. My head is constantly brain fogged and this seems to have got worse since I went gluten free. Also I now cant seem to tolerate my calcium/magnesium supplement. I have tried the gluten /soya/dairy free one also 2 other makes and it just causes pain in my bowel. I find this really worrying because my joints ache and I have arthritis in my one hip, so panic that its going to get worse Sorry am on a real downer at the moment. Just that when I read about this intolerance was convinced this was the answer to my prayers but I am finding it such a struggle and here in the UK the docotors just dont seem to be on the same planet and after 20years of being viewed as probable neorotic just seem to need someone to give me some hope.
  7. Hi everyone, just reading your reply's makes me feel what a long road to recovery this is. I have been gluten free for 2 months and 2 weeks and counting! It seems that everyday I become more intolerant of everything that I eat. I cannot have any sugar as it makes me feel crap and during this last week I made a healthy gluten free meal with lamb chops, red potatoes, peas, carrots and cabbage and the next day I felt horrendous. Looking at everything that I ate in my nutrient book made me realize that I still cannot eat cabbage because of the Iodine in it, which stimulates my thyroid, although I haven't got an overactive thyroid, I have when it comes to certain foods, so for the next 2 days my head felt like cotton wool. Today I woke up not feeling that good with my stomach bloated and gurgling and what made it worse was a cup of coffee substitute - Chickory, again looking in my nutrient book its a stimulant. It just seems to get worse. Well my head and stomach get worse but my joints are definately improving. I can now actually see where my bones are in my feet where as before they were just so swollen. I am living on Rice Cakes, Apples, "safe vegetables" and mainly chicken and lamb. I still crave sweet foods, just hope when my gut heals these intolerances will end.
  8. Jackpru

    Tinnitis And Dry Eyes

    Thanks for all your replies which I am taking on board. The blood vessal blood is on the white of the eye and is now beginning to clear. I have always had low blood pressure and whenever it is taken at the docs it is low but I think sometimes it can suddenly shoot up although I have no proof of this. My eyes have been badly affected by this gluten and I started to have cataracts appear in my late forties. I had a detatched retina when I was pregnant in my twenties and had to have an implant, which is what they did in the seventies. I had both eyes done in my early fifties for cataracts and my right eye had the vitreous gelly come loose, which floats around the eye continouslly and have been told by my eye consultant that they cannot do anything about this. So as you can imagine anything going on with my eyes sends me into complete panick and I am terrified of now going to the docs with anything to do with my eyes. But yes I will probably go and get my blood pressure checked out. By the way I is female
  9. Jackpru

    Tinnitis And Dry Eyes

    Its okay I'm not going mad but am thinking about what I am eating everyday while I am looking at other peoples problems and one thing that I have increased by having practically every day or every other day and that is baked Red Potatoes (potassium) is this lowering my blood pressure and causing the problems? I think the first couple of weeks when I went on the diet, Iwas eating more rice noodles and brown rice with my meals, so will have to cut the spuds out for a few days and see what happens. What an exciting life we lead
  10. Hi everyone well here's another puzzle to get your heads round. I am one of the "newbys" have been gluten, Dairy, Soya and Nightshade free for 2 months. Up until the weekend I have been coping but then on Sunday morning I woke up with a burst blood vestle in my eye which has gone on to become dry eyes in both eyes and then to top it all Tinnitus, which I occassionally have had in the past but this is continuous just doesn't stop. I have cut down on some of my vitamin and mineral supplements hoping that it could be because my blood pressure has dropped but by doing this it only makes my joints ache because I need the high doses of Calcium well I say high, am or was taking 1200mg of Calcium with Magnesium and vitamin D. The only thing I can think is perhaps now I am absorbing the natural vitamins and minerals could this be the reason. Anyway I will leave it with you.
  11. Yes I think it is to hell with the doctors. Went yesterday to see my consultant for a check up about my hip arthritis and bursitis and told him how much better it felt with going on the gluten free and he replied " well it is common knowledge that arthritis does improve in the summer" The ignorance is just unimaginable with these people and some of them cannot see further than there next pay packet. He even had my notes in front of him of all the health problems I had and was even looking and revering to the wrong hip. I rest my case.
  12. Jackpru

    Joint Pain

    I've only been on the diet 2 months and have ME/Chronic fatigue for 25years, joint pains before I started the diet were getting worse but I knew even before going on the diet that if I had any milk products or any of the Nightshade family ie:- tomatoes, white potatoes, peppars, aubergines etc this usually really upset me and made my joints ten times worse. You can eat red potatoes by the way. If you just tried leaving off milk products for a couple of days to see what happened at least you might have some releif from your pain surely thats better than enjoying eating ice-cream, (or perhaps not!) Being on this diet is just a minefield. I also have lots of other things popping up that seem to be out of my control but thasts another story, which I will probably ask for advice later.
  13. Jackpru

    Joint Pain No Better - 2 Wks Later

    Have you tried cutting out Nightshade food such as Tomatoes, Peppars, white potatoes, aubergines etc, I find that these cause me joint pains, also all grains can have a bad effect such as maize. What about your calcium levels, do you take any supplements, you dont say how old you are. If you are starting the menopause you could need some extra natural hormones
  14. Yes you are right. When I used to live at home with my parents, my mother who had Rheumatoid Arthritis and also bowel problems probably celiac, she never ever got ill with any colds virus or anything, not even the flu when everyone else in the house caught it. My experience is this I went on the gluten free diet 2 months ago, the first week I felt really well, the second week I caught Swine Flu and couldn't shake it off for 3 weeks, when I thought it was going it suddenly came back again and at the moment I still seem to be picking up sniffles and coughs really easy and feel constantly tired so god knows whats going on with my immune system. But going back to when I was really ill with Chronic Fatigue etc yes i didn't seem to pick up many colds. Best Wishes