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  1. Mrs. Doyle,

    I saw you wrote about Niacin.  Did you ever get better taking Niacin.

    Have you ever researched much about Niacinamide.  The Amide version of Niacin.  It is the naturally flushless version of the Vitamin.

    See the website in my profile if you want to research more about Niacinamide.

    It really helped me.


  2. Mrs.Doyle

    Need Gluten-quitting Tips !

    What is the downside to getting well... or what is the benefit to staying sick? Sometimes we sabotage ourselves without...
  3. Mrs.Doyle

    Question For Everyone

    I had been thinking about posting this, but was trying to work up the nerve, haha.... thanks for asking, now I don't...
  4. Mrs.Doyle

    Lasagna Mistake?

    Others have said it, but it bares repeating... Don't eat something just to be polite, you are being rude to yourself...
  5. OH how I feel your pain and rage and all those ucky feelings toward the idiot with a piece of paper that says he's a...
  6. OH YES, it stopped!!!! Thank goodness!!!
  7. Mrs.Doyle

    Needing Some Help With Cooking Ideas

    Both of the previous posters had great advice! Start with what you CAN have and get the rest out of the house. Spices...
  8. Mrs.Doyle

    Anxiety.. Nutrition?

    Niacin has been of huge help for me. I started with 500mg, once a day and slowly worked up to 4 times a day. The first...
  9. Mrs.Doyle

    Typical Menu...?

    Since it is summer, my typical menu is whatever is ripe in the garden. I juice fruits and veggies for breakfast, have...
  10. Mrs.Doyle

    Unsupportive Family?

    Try googling Happy Cow Vegetarian Protein and Guide to get a list of non-meat protein. While you are traveling down...
  11. How long has your DD been off her medications? It can sometimes take a while for a gal's system to bounce back... with...
  12. I didn't try threelac, but I did have die-off issues that were unpleasant. I alternated oregano oil and grapefruit seed...
  13. When I started the adventure of figuring out what foods are making me sick earlier this year, I kicked it off with the...
  14. I think I have been struggling with getting a *label* as Celiac to get my family to take this seriously. So I have decided...
  15. I am a basket case this morning and I don't know what to do... I started being Gluten free the beginning of June and...