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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. My doctor wants me to hold off the B12 injections now and see if my level holds. If I have been taking folic acid for about 6 months would that effect the b12 results, would they appear higher on testing?
  2. I have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease and I to have a burning pain below my left ribs. It feels like a bruise when I touch it but there is no bruise there, I have had it for several months and it comes and goes!! Whether it is related or not though I am unsure.
  3. I had a negative blood test for celiac but a positive biopsy. It would probably benefit you to have a biopsy but if you cannot get one then a trial of a gluten free diet can only assist in the elimination or confirmation of a diagnosis.
  4. I am glad your symptoms are less now when they were in full swing you must have suffered greatly. I am truly amazed at how gluten can effect our bodies it was something I never gave a thought to before I was diagnosed!! I will try to find out what my magnesium levels are and will consider taking theses as a supplement. Thanks for the link I will read with interest.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I to am looking into the effects of low ferritin and have found many people who have suffered symptoms from this. My bp does not drop it actually rises extremely on standing, my symptoms included severe weakness to the extent I could not tolerate being upright for more than several minutes before my weakness increased and chest pains become worse - being made to be upright by A & E staff caused me to have a T - wave inversion, sweating, extreme nausea, dizziness and many more. Orthostatic intolerence is poorly understood even by many medical professionals. I am relieved that this symptom has eased greatly and hope that it does not reoccur. Have your symptoms improved? I hope you have gained relief from them. x
  6. Hi, What symptoms did you have from dysautonomia? and do you still have them now? I will try the supplements many thanks for your advice.
  7. Thank you for your post. I suspected I had a issue with milk whilst in hospital, every morning I would try and eat some cereal and I ended up really nauseas, so I changed my breakfast and this improved. Now I am not having much dairy products at all. I will ask for testing to check for this. I did have allergy testing by a homeopath which involved touching a bottle and and if she recieved 'energy' from me a metal rod would move indicating to her whether I could tolerate the product or not. I am unsure whether this method was accurate!!! Autonomic dysfunction is mainly catagorised as dysautonomia. This involves most bodily functions that are carried out automatically (heart rate, bp, temperature control, breathing, orthostatic intolerence, etc) by our autonomic nervous system. I am suspected as having POTS but my bp doesn't drop it actually rises!!! I am hoping gluten was causing these symptoms and that avoiding them (strictly) will help me. I am enjoying exploring this board it is very helpful especially for the newlydiagnosed like me.
  8. Hi Trents thank you for your reply. My last check on B12 showed it was now 336. I have recieved B12 via injection and have been on folic acid for many months and my levels are near normal. I have also been taking ferritin for many months to.
  9. I have been suffering from autonomic dysfunction for 3 months now. 7 weeks of this was spent in hospital extremely unwell and the cause has not been found. They suspect the form I have to be postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). This can be an illness on its own or caused by something (secondary). On the wikpedia website it says that celiac has to be ruled out (amongst several others) before a diagnosis can be made. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in may this year. Whilst I was in hospital a blood test was done but was normal, but because I am B12 deficient, folic acid deficient and have a serum iron count of 8 they done a endoscopy and concluded from biopsies that I have celiac disease. They also found an adrenal mass but said its not functioning so will just scan next year to see if it's grown. Does anyone have any advice or experience regarding this. I have also read various literature on the internet stating that celiac can manifest as neurological problems. I am new to all this and would appreciate any input. I am following a strict gluten free diet and have been since my dx, I have improved but am unsure whether this is due to the diet or steroids I was put on (i'm taking fludrocortisone - for poss POTS and adrenal probs!!!). I have not read the biopsy report and am awaiting a copy. My bowels are more or less back to normal now. Some of the symptoms I was experiencing were/are: chest pain, tachycardia, palpatations, t-wave inversion (all cardiac tests were fine, echo, stress echo, treadmill test), sweating, orthostatic intolerence, severe weakness, nausea, diahrrea, hypoglycemic episodes...... Kind Regards Eve