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  1. I continued eating gluten... but i didn't eat much, if any wheat (all the bread i ate was rye). Maybe wheat intolerance has symptoms similar to mine? Is wheat intolerance tested for with the same blood tests? Also, if I get these blood tests done, will they tell me if i'm intolerant to other foods (such as dairy)? thanks again (especially for reading and replying to such a long post!)
  2. Hello, I'm a 17 year old male and I have a lot of random health problems that I think may be connected to Celiac's disease. None of my symptoms are to bad, or unbearable; and I've seen the doctor for some of them individually (with no solutions). So I'm just going to throw out any possible things I think could be related to Celiac's disease; and any advice / responses would be appreciated! 1-at my last physical exam, my doctor told I weighed a few pounds less, even though I had grown a little bit(since last year). He said this was worrisome, especially if I lost any more weight. I think its important to say that I eat a lot, and I eat good nutritious food. I don't really eat much junkfood except for a little desert after dinner, but I've always eaten healthy stuff so I don't know why my weight would be going down... 2-My digestion has never seemed to be perfect. Sometimes lots of gas / sometimes its hard to go to the bathroom / sometimes I have these random stomach aches. (definately could be normal just trying to throw every possible symptom out there). 3-I'm about three inches shorter than my two brothers. Since I was small my dad would always measure me and mark my height in a closet just for fun. I thought I had finished growing beacause every time my dad measured me over the course of the last year I hadn't grown at all. I just came back from a one month long trip to Lithuania and when I got back I discovered I had grown atleast half an inch in that one month! (my diet was much different while I was there...). One year without growth in California, one month in Lithuania and I grow half an inch; just doesn't seem normal... 4-Maybe I just want to blame my lack of working out on some disease, but my muscles seem to be pretty undeveloped for my age. In addition to my skinny arms, my stomach has always seemed to be a little bloated. I'm not fat, but my stomach does seem to puff out a little more than regular. 5-About 9 months ago I started to get a lot of "brain fogginess", and my grades dropped a little in school for one semester. I eventually found that working out in the morning cleared up my head (After running or jumprope, I would feel my head thumping really hard for like a minute and my head would seem to clear up. This also went away while I was on my trip to Lithuania and has come back within the last week of being back home.) 6-Within the last year I've also become very forgetfull and have developed very bad memory. -With this I've also had some random nervousness / anxiety at times (not bad at all and only occasional) 7-My immune system seems to be really weak. When school started this last year I seemed to get sick almost every month for like four months in a row. 8-I've had tons of swollen lymph nodes for probably a year and 3 months now. A ton of them are swollen in my groin area, also under my jaw, and one or two the back of my head (but no pain). My doctor couldn't explain this, he said it was probably from sickness (Even though the swollen lymph nodes never seem to go away when I'm not sick...) 9-Acne. I have a ton around my mouth area, and its been like that for a few years. I was reading on an acne forum about people who learned that they had celiac's disease, and when they stopped eating gluten their acne went away (This is how I learned about Celiac's disease) 10-Foot pain. This probably has nothing to do with it but I thought I'd throw it in. Probably for the last 6 or 7 years I've had foot pain. I have custom orthodics, but I'm always getting inflammation in my heel or other parts of the foot. 11- Finally, I had stopped drinking milk / eating a lot of dairy for a month or two. When I got back home I ate a lot of ice cream and milk chocolate for the first time in a long time. I developed severe diarrhea for 3/4 days, and the doctor told me it was probably stomach flu (it probably is, but I read that Lactose intolerance is frequently a side effect of celiac disease, so thought i'd just throw it out there). Also, I ate some pancakes this morning with a huge dallop of whipped cream on top, and my stomach seems fine (except for a lot of gas). Wow, that ended up being a lot of stuff! Although none of these symptoms are severe, it would be nice if it would all go away from something as simple as not eating gluten. I can definately live with all these things, but if anyone has some advice / an opinion on whether i should be tested for celiac's disease; it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!