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  1. grrr, I got the results back from my daughter's test last week. I've so peeved!!! You know what that jerk had tested? TTg IGa TTg IGg That's it! I asked while we were in the office what the test included and he was like 'oh,it's very comprehensive, blah blah blah.' I felt ok with his response so I didn't bother busting out my list of the tests I had written down that I wanted done. So now what? She's still eating gluten and still complaining her stomach hurts. The Dr we saw wasn't her regular Dr. I don't think I would go back to him anyway cause he was a jerk to begin with. I'm just wondering if I should really pursue this before taking the plunge and going completely gluten-free with her. She tears up if something has 'flour,' in it because she wants to eat it but she says it will hurt Something else I noticed on my OWN tests. The lab ranges are conflicting. On one part the range for Gliadin IGG is 0.0-4.8. Mine was 0.4 For Gliadin IGA it was 1.5 (0.0-6.0) But on another part of the test Gliadin IGG is 6 and it says <20 not detected Gliadin IGA is 11 and it says <20 not detected I'm confused.
  2. so the chances of Gluten Intolerance of turning Celiac is low too? I don't think I could eat it everyday and expect to maintain my weight Oh well, it was just an idea. I'm pretty set with avoiding Gluten only because I'm Hashi's. My thyroid seems to behave more when it is not included. I'm more concerned for my daughter and the results will be interesting.
  3. Makes sense. Maybe I just want to make it complicated, lol.
  4. ok one more question(maybe two) I'm on a low carb eating plan but once a week you get to have a 'refeed.' If I ingested a lot of gluten during this time period, do you think that would equate to having the 2-4 slices of bread daily that is recommended for a gluten challenge? Just a thought. Another issue I'm trying to understand. If you have genes for Celiac it doesn't necessarily mean you have or will become a Celiac patient. Can the opposite be true? If you DON't have the genes you can STILL be or become Celiac??
  5. What do the small amounts of Gliadin mean? And the Total test? I know the lower it is the more 'positive,' it is, right? No matter what, if my daughter pops positive on anything I will quit it for good in show of support.
  6. I don't know..the gene tests just said 'not detected.'That is what is on the lab report. I don't know how I would track down the actual gene report?? And where would these genes come from? Can they come from grandparents and skip the parents? lol I don't know anything about my Dad accept his parents are from Italy and my Grandparents on my Moms side are from Germany and Ireland. My Mom is healthy. So should I stop thinking about doing a Gluten Challenge? I guess if I saw a definitive answer it would be like figuring out the missing piece of a puzzle. But Gluten is not good for anyone anyway and it's so connected to Thyroid disease I should just stay away. I still want to know though
  7. I have a weird thought/question. I tested negative for the Celiac genes but can one be a 'carrier,' of those genes?? can Gluten Intolerance turn into full blown Celiac?? Are there different tests to measure gluten intolerance -vs- celiac? (I can probably look that up) Daughter's appt is tomorrow morning. And for anyone who would like to make sense of the tests I've had myself that would be great!! *I had been gluten-free for a few months and then for a month before testing ate the equivalent of a handful of wheat thins everyday Gliadin IGG...6 (greater than 20 is the range) IGA....11 (same, greater than 20) Does everyone have these antibodies present?? Or do you think if I would have waited longer and ate more Gluten, it would have showed higher? TTG IGA...o.7 (0.0-10.2) TOTAL IGA...189(44-441) Thanks!!! I wonder if I should do a gluten challenge just to know for sure for sure. I'm just too darn curious and to see the numbers would solidify it I guess.
  8. your poor little girl!!(and poor Mommy too) reading with interest to see what those tests come back as. My daughter has an appt tomorrow with her Doc and we'll be getting some tests as well.
  9. well, thanks! I've been tested. I don't have the genes, but I believe I am intolerant. I was mostly gluten-free before I got tested..there were a small amount of antibodies that showed up. I'm sure it would have been higher if I had been eating more. I have a history from when I was my daughter's age(throwing up, diarrhea, etc)..the Dr's back then just said 'I'd grow out of it.' But do we??? I stay gluten-free like 90% of the time. It doesn't affect me in the tummy but I get almost hung over feeling and achy if I eat a lot. It takes a few days to recover. So I know what I'm getting into if I eat it..when/if I do it's only in small amounts. I need to start learning how to bake more yummy gluten-free treats. MY daughter has such a sweet tooth! The rest isn't that hard. We're more a meat and potato kind of family anyway.
  10. awww, does that happen to your little one as well?? Has she been tested yet??
  11. This board moves fast! wow! I also wanted to mention and it may be kinda gross, but my daughters stools have been green. She hasn't eaten anything green whatever the test says, I won't feed her something that hurts her tummy. But what if it stops hurting and still does damage? I had the same thing when I was younger and now I have Hashi's. Seems like there is a connection there.
  12. Let's try this http://flickr.com/gp/bettysfamily/50c86G cool, that worked! Like I said, not the best pic.
  13. I'm not the worlds greatest photog but I grabbed a pic this morning.Hopefully I did this right! http://www.flickr.com/photos/bettysfamily/7970565722/ well, obviously I don't know how to upload photos here the right way and I would have to stay logged into flickr for everyone to see the pic.
  14. well innocently enough the husband stopped at a restraunt with the kids and daughter had a corn dog..instant tummy pain
  15. Thanks for the quick response. By keeping her on gluten would just a serving a day work? Like 1 cookie or a sandwich with her lunch? Her Dr is very good..very astute! She hypothesized a heart defect when she was just 3. No hesitations and sent us for further testing,etc..she had a coarctation of her aorta..a kink basically. Just some side info there. I know all about fighting for ones health. It took me 5 years and countless docs to get prescribed the right meds for my own thyroid problem. I finally had to go outside the network and pay out of pocket. I'm going to get a good picture of her knee when she gets home. It doesn't look as severe as pics I've seen online but it has come about around the same time of her getting sick, so who knows. Thanks!