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    Conference In Montreal

    I was in Montreal for two days last month. We ate out twice. There is a chain of restaurants called Pizza Pizza and they have gluten free pizza and toppings. It was very inexpensive and the pizza was good and we didn't get sick. It was not a fancy place at all, just a few tables and you order at the counter. We also had some crepes at the Creperie du Marche at the Jean Talon Marche. It was a bit out of the way from where you are staying but for us it was worth it to have some great crepes! Hope that helps!
  2. nothungry

    Disney Cruise Lines

    I was on the Disney Dream in February. My daughter and I are both gluten free, and I am a vegetarian as well. Everything went very smoothly! We had it on our reservation that we needed to be gluten-free. So, when we got on board at our first meal we spoke to the head chef. He told us to pre order all of our meals, and it worked out great. We ate at all of the main restaurants successfully, when we went to the buffet, the process was very very long! We had gluten-free pancakes, rolls, cake, and gluten-free pasta was available but I don't think we ordered any. There are many posts about this topic on disboards. Let me know if you need any more info! Also, there is a fridge in your stateroom and you can bring food on board with you.
  3. nothungry

    Good Gluten Free Cruise Experiences?

    To those of you who have cruised with Royal Caribbean and Alaskan Cruiselines, I have a few questions (I am trying to plan a cruise myself). Did you have to eat in the main dining room each meal, or were you able to eat at other restaurants on the ship? Also, did they seem to have knowledge of cross contamination ? Did you eat off of a buffet or was food custom prepared by the chef? Thanks for any info!
  4. nothungry

    Disney Veterans

    We go to a beach house every year and it is not relaxing at all...too much cooking and fussing! We have been to WDW a few times in the past years and it is dreamy! They really take care of you there. We have stayed in a few resorts, but the value resorts have been great (from $80 a night, depending on the season, and cheaper when they are running promotions). So, it can be affordable. Even the food courts at the value resorts prepare pancakes, pasta, waffles, homemade chicken tenders etc. for us. We loved POP century, and All Star Music and All Star Sports (value resorts) and we stayed at Saratoga Springs also. It has more adult theming. The All Stars and POP century are decorated very fun and very much in the spirit of Disney! Kids can really appreciate it! (Adults too!) We also like that onsite you don't have to pay for parking ($12 per day) and you don't necessarily need a car onsite because of their transportation system. Have a great trip!
  5. nothungry

    Bad Experience On Carnival Cruise

    I am sorry to hear about your cruise. I have been watching for reviews of cruiselines that handle the food issues well. We are trying to decide on a cruise for one of our next vacations. I am certain that A disney cruise would be the best choice, but we are traveling with a large group (2 in my immediate family have celiac disease). They are not so convinced to spend the extra money on a Disney Cruise - although I don't want to spend my money on a cruise where my family cannot eat safely. Hmm....I look forward to what Carnival has to say.
  6. While I haven't eaten gluten and dairy free at WDW, I have eaten plenty of gluten-free/vegetarian meals and they have been wonderful. We have been to WDW 4 times since I have been gluten-free and we are heading back in February too. Many of the gluten-free breads/pancakes/waffles at WDW are dairy free as well. Someone at WDW will let you know when you hear back from them. I would make a reservation for all of your sit down meals and when you make the reservation, let them know your dietary restrictions. Almost every chef has gone out of his/her way for me to create a custom meal. If you are not eating at a lot of table service restaurants, you may be eating quite a lot of salads, burgers etc. The dining plan is pretty great at WDW. Have a great trip.
  7. nothungry

    gluten-free In Bethany Beach, Rehoboth, Oc

    Well, I am leaving for Bethany tomorrow, I will post if I have any luck eating out! Thanks for the health food store information, I called and ordered some gluten-free bagels and donuts for my daughter!
  8. Does anyone have any gluten free eating tips for the Bethany Beach/Rehoboth Beach DE or Ocean City MD area? It has been a while since I have been there, I heard that Berry Good Treats has changed ownership and is not gluten-free...can anyone confirm? Thanks for any tips on the area!
  9. I have a wedding to go to in 2 months. The last wedding I went to was a gluten-free, it was my brother in laws wedding, he spoke to the kitchen extensively about gluten-free food, I wound up eating a lot of cheese cubes and fresh fruit. I didn't want to make a big stink about how the food that they tried to serve me was contaminated so I just let it go as to not upset the bride and groom. They thought that they had all of their bases covered and that the place was going to serve me a wonderful gluten-free meal/appetizers/dessert, it didn't happen but I didn't think they needed to know that. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to this upcoming wedding. Anyway, I am not very close with the bride and groom of this wedding. I saw on the restaurant's website that the couple needs to inform the staff 45 days prior to the wedding if there are any dietary issues. I don't know what my best option is: I can do nothing, try to talk them into making me a gluten-free (and vegetarian) meal when I get there. I can call the place directly and tell them my needs, and that I didn't want to hassle the bride with my food issues. I can talk to the bride before the 45 day mark. Does anyone have any experiences that they can share with these types of events? Thanks.
  10. nothungry

    gluten-free At A Wedding

    Thanks...I am going to get on the phone today!
  11. nothungry

    gluten-free At A Wedding

    Did you talk to a chef or the server about it first or did you just eat it on the assumption that it was naturally Gluten free?
  12. nothungry

    gluten-free At A Wedding

    Hmmm...I didn't really think of bringing my own food into a wedding. I mean, I always have a protein bar in my purse when I go out to an event(I usually hide somewhere and eat it). This wedding is a fairly upscale event, I guess I should call and see how much of a problem it is. I thank you all for your input!
  13. nothungry

    Royal Caribbean?

    We are looking into a RC Cruise - I am wondering if any of you were able to get any gluten free vegetarian dishes? I am vegetarian, and it is usually pretty tough to get veggie gluten-free (unless I just want plain veggies). Do they make rice/rice pasta etc. for gluten free options? I would like to go on a Disney cruise, because I know that they cater to vegetarians and gluten free needs too, but the cost is too much for the large group I am traveling with (also, they can eat anything, anywhere, so the food service is not especially important for them). Any tips?
  14. Our extended family (4 families) are looking to take a vacation together. Disney World is our favorite spot - but we are looking to try something different. While a cruise seems like the obvious choice, I would like to hear some feedback on vacation spots that are somewhat easy to do on a gluten-free diet. Only 2 people (in my immediate family) are gluten-free. I think it will be a hassle for everyone if we are planning most of our vacation on where the 2 of us can I don't really know where to start! Thanks for any tips!
  15. nothungry

    Great gluten-free Vacations - Besides Disney

    Wow! I did not know that about Hershey Park...and we are so close too! I'll have to put that in the mix...that would make a great long weekend trip!
  16. I am currently planning a vacation with our extended family (4 families). We have 2 people on the gluten-free diet in our family. We go to WDW once a year, so we want to try something different. We will probably do a cruise unless I can come up with some other destinations that are somewhat easily done gluten-free. I would love a cruise, but I would also love to get to out west (we are in NY). Any ideas out there?
  17. nothungry

    Pollace's In The Catskill Mts?

    I live about 2 miles from Pollace's. I did not know that they offered gluten free meals! I will try to check it out! Please post if you get any feedback from them!
  18. nothungry

    Six Flags Great Adventure

    Has anyone been to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and had any eating or snacking success? I did see on their website that you may now bring medically necessary food into the park, has anyone done this? It says that you need to have a manager sign your food container upon entering the park. I haven't been to six flags in a long time because they didn't used to let anyone bring any food into the park. Any tips would be great!
  19. nothungry

    Best Value Hotel At Disney World

    I have stayed at POP Century (a value hotel too), All Star Music and All Star Sports. All of them were wonderful! (I think I like POP the best - but all were great for gluten free vegetarian food!) My best advice is to eat in the food court at off peak hours (dinner at 4 or 5 instead of 6 or later). The chefs and staff will be able to give you more attention. The food court chefs were able to prepare homemade chicken fingers, pasta with veggies or sauce, pancakes, waffles, eggs and all sorts of great things for us right at the value resort. If you can get the disney dining plan you will really enjoy some absolutely amazing cooking! I have been to WDW 4 times with Celiac, twice on the dining plan, twice paying for each meal. I haven't gotten sick once! I am counting down the days until I get back there! Don't worry and have a great time! Also, at any of the value resorts, have it noted on your reservation that you need a refrigerator for medically necessary food. They will not charge you the $10 per night that is normally charged. Once, the front desk charged it to my bill but I called them on it and they removed the charges.
  20. nothungry

    Another Great Disney World Experience

    Chef TJ made us the same dessert when we went last year! People were asking us why we got the glorious treatment we received! We went to BOMA a few months ago we had a different Chef, and she was great, but she was not Chef TJ. We'll try again on our next trip!
  21. I am working on my first gluten-free Easter for my child this year...any ideas on items for the basket? Easter bread recipes? Thanks for any input!
  22. nothungry

    Glutenfree Dining In Catskills

    I live very close to Windham. I don't know think that any of the restaurants have gluten free menu's but it is possible that they will prepare something special for you. I think that Albergo Allegra bed and breakfast has a gluten free breakfast menu. There are a few restaurants near the Catskills that have gluten free menu's but are not very close to Windham. In Tivoli there is a restaurant called Santa Fe (mexican) which is excellent and in Poughkeepsie there is a restaurant called Soul Dog that has great gluten free hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, pizza and baked goods. Both of those restaurants are listed in the GFRAP website (Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program). Good luck...please post if you have any good luck in Windham!
  23. nothungry

    gluten-free Dining At Disney World Water Parks?

    I have eaten gluten free at both Disney Water Parks. Any of the people you emailed about the main parks should be able to get you a list for the water parks. (I emailed someone at Magic Kingdom today and they are calling Typhoon Lagoon to get me a list for that park). At each water park there is one counter service restaurant which will have gluten free pizza/burgers and hot dogs with buns. They also have a chef who will prepare it himself. They will probably have gluten-free mac and cheese and brownies and ice cream too. On my last trip, I phoned the water park one day in advance just to make sure they had gluten-free mac and cheese and pizza in stock for my family. You won't go hungry! Have a great trip and please fill us in when you get back!
  24. nothungry

    Nyc- By Rokefeller

    There is a Chipotle right near there, we have had great success there!
  25. I don't know of any bakeries in Albany but there are a few gluten free bakeries nearby. In Brunswick (outside of Troy) there is Sherry Lynn's bakery, there is the Alternative Baker in Kingston ( and there is Soul Dog in Poughkeepsie. Soul Dog is a gluten free hot dog place but has excellent baked goods and does catering and cakes. Good luck!