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  1. SergeTrigger

    Stomach/ Small Intestinal Pain

    Are those teas herbal teas? Does any1 know if there are supplements to aid in digestion?
  2. I have been diagnosed with Celiac for one month now and its been a roller coster of terrible downs and up. I'm doing...
  3. Hello, I have been recently diagnosed with Celiac's Disease, before I went to get medical help my stomach and intestines...
  4. SergeTrigger

    Still Feeling Bad.

    Well in the hospital I was allowed to drink Wawa 2% milk cartons. It seemed to go down well in there. I will cut it out...
  5. SergeTrigger

    Still Feeling Bad.

    Hello, Im new to this site and I got alot of questions. I was checked into the ER last week because of intense stomach...