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  1. Ok, so I talked my gastro Dr. into doing genetic testing to rule out celiacs- Because of my gastric bypass he was not...
  2. bahrbdoll


    Sorry, i'm confussed- are these 3 different recipes or is it 3 steps? thanks
  3. Thank You so much! That was the perfect answer, just what I needed to hear. I guess I'm the type of person who feels...
  4. So, I haven't had much success with answers to what's wrong with me- my insurance will pay for genetic testing, so do...
  5. bahrbdoll

    Updating My Candy List Before Halloween Gets Here

    Not sure about this- I think what you're wondering about are the milk chocolate hersheys nuggets- and boy do I hope they...
  6. so, which do you think would be best - genetic from entero lab or Dr. if they can do it?
  7. bahrbdoll

    Saw The Doctor

    Okay, I really don't want to freak you out but my suggestion to you would be- if that ever happens to you again GO TO...
  8. bahrbdoll

    How Did You Start Your Diet

    Sorry I suck so badly at this- I got your message, that sounds unreal- I thought my story was bad, I can't even imagine...
  9. bahrbdoll

    How Did You Start Your Diet

    Could you please tell me how to do that- thanks
  10. Just wondering if anyone has had gastic bypass? I already have so many dietary issues, not really sure what else I could...
  11. wondering what the differences are! If you can't get an answer on celiacs, is it safe to assume you are just intollerant...
  12. Thank you So much- You have no idea how much this will help my entire family, celiacs or not! This is truely a blessing...
  13. I know there are many random posts here and there on specific meds, but I'd be here a week trying to find all of them...
  14. So after gluten-free 3 mo. at advice of nutritionalist (she really never said how to start, just eliminated all gluten...