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  1. My finance (the one with celiac disease) and I were on vacation in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was our second day there...
  2. jmwong982

    Eating At A Chinese Restaurant

    I think it is important to speak with your friends about your gluten intolerance. Though, you may feel like you are burdening...
  3. jmwong982

    Bella Monica

    We went to this restaurant. It was great and they had a gluten free system that was consistent between the front of the...
  4. I thought I would let you guys know about the support group in the Annapolis area at the hospital in the Sajak Pavilion...
  5. jmwong982

    Need Some Guidance

    What does DH stand for? I think it is important for him to discuss it with you. It is a serious illness. Maybe ask him...
  6. jmwong982

    Maryland Gluten Free?

    We have been advised not to eat out for awhile until we feel comfortable with the gluten-free lifestyle in our own homes...
  7. I emailed dermablend and I got this reply for them. I use their makeup and the two products listed specifically so I...
  8. jmwong982

    Need Some Guidance

    I have to say to everyone that I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the amount of support that is out there. Everything...
  9. Some one had already told me on here to consider lip balms etc...as a source of gluten. But what about shampoo's, conditioners...
  10. jmwong982

    Need Some Guidance

    Thank you for finding me when I couldn't find you. I feel you must have been sent to me by the celiac gods. I want to...
  11. jmwong982

    Need Some Guidance

    I hadn't thought about makeup. I am trying to make all the right calls here. I just went out and got some b-12. and i...
  12. jmwong982

    Need Some Guidance

    Everyone's advice is very helpful...keep it coming. We are getting ready to go on vacation so I am trying to prepare...
  13. jmwong982

    Need Some Guidance

    Hi Everybody, I am new to this forum. About a year ago my fiance was diagnosed with celiac disease. I have a few questions...