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  1. nu_to_no_glu

    Udi's Cinnamon Rolls

    Maybe you could see if your nearest health food store will order the bread, at least. It is so worth the try. I was making Bob 's Red Mill bread, and now I can't eat it, becasue Udi's is just that much better. I've also had the Udi's pizza crust, which is delicious. You can order from their website, although the shipping is more than the price of the bread.
  2. I am super excited because I bought some Udi's cinnamon rolls from Whole Foods for a special Christmas morning breakfast! I cannot wait to eat them, they look sooooo good! Just thought you all could share in my excitement
  3. The whole foods near me just started carrying tons of Udi's products...get ready for this, I bought the pizza crust and made pizza tonight, I almost died...so good! They have these giant cinnamon rolls I was eyeing, and udi's tortillas, muffins...I thought I was in heaven! Love thebread, but now I want everything!
  4. I just have to post my sympathies when you say your sister-in-law tells you that her disease is worse (in so many words)...I have similar experience. My sister has MS, and has made it very clear that no one (in the entire world) has it worse than she does...the difference between her and I is, I learned to live with my agony from birth and she became sick quite suddenly. Therefore, my entire family pretty much dismissed me any time I'd say I didn't feel well, because that's just the way I always was (and even after diagnosis, they just still dont get it-maybe I learned to live with it too well?). It's not very fair, now is it? But, you have to remind yourself that you ARE fortunate to be able to control your disease. At least, that's what I try to tell myself, and when I need my sympathy and support (that I just don't seem to get), I come on here and get it So, I feel you on the Thanksgiving grief. I hope you make it through and are able to enjoy some of the meal. And, if your SIL says anything else insensitive, just smile and come here and let us know...if you look at my last thread, I had an offer from others to help me punch my sister! It made me feel better- Ha!
  5. Hooray Isn't it awesome to finally put the pieces together? AND...you have your sister for continued support! I'm glad you are feeling better...loads of people here are also self-diagnosed and never going back. This is an excellent place for resources, and...I'd say that since you are so much improved from the diet, you are on the right track. I'm almost to my 3 month mark gluten-free, and I'm never going back, either!
  6. I'm not an expert, Iam just takingthe supplements my dr told me to, but the one he said would help with some of the "brain fog" is Acetyl-L-Carnitine. I haven't taken it yet as I am slowly introducing new vitamins. I would at least research it before adding anything myself, or ask a dr about it. Another idea, to find a specialist, would be to contact your local celiac sprue association chapter. Surely, they could help you find what or who you are looking for without attempting to visit many various drs.
  7. OMG...she'd get so angry if I said that to her...hahahahhahaha...she's not the nicest person, either. Maybe I should whip this one out at the dinner table on Thanksgiving
  8. Hmmm...she was diagnosed bc she lost vision in one eye (optic neuritis) and lesions showed from a MRI. She was on rebif for a while, and then diagnosed with lymphoma. After chemo and radiation, she had a bone marrow transplant and now she doesn't have any MS symptoms, besides her vision never fully returning to the one eye. It's been quite a while and she's been through a lot, but she's pretty much recovered. I've tried to initiate conversation about gluten, but as you can tell, she is pretty resistant to the idea. So, rock+hard place = me.
  9. You should go dancing in your not so fashionable leather shoes...and strut the heck out of them
  10. Thanks! Both excellent advice. I'm so happy I can come here and vent. I don't know why I get so personally upset about other people. This whole experience has made me somewhat jaded with the medical industry, yet alone my own family. Funny, my dr didn't have to prescribe me any medication, or sell me anything...yet, he still makes a living *sarcasm* and he still wants to treat me. On a side note, my sister does have MS, and I've told her to look in to gluten-free and MS connections. I guess I can't have these conversations with her, since she's the expert *more sarcasm* I guess I just need to focus on my little family, and ignore her ignorance.
  11. nu_to_no_glu

    Suddenly It Makes Sense

    I second the notion on Udi's bread! I've recently discovered it myself and you don't have to toast the crap out of it! You don't have to toast it at all! So good. Also, ditto on your experiences, you are not alone. Definitely keep reading these forums, you'll find the support and knowledge you need to keep you motivated without an actual diagnosis. This place and the people have helped me tremendously, bc sadly, we live where so many drs are uneducated on this disease. Glad you are feeling good
  12. I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance several months ago by an allergist/immunologist who practices both conventional and some holistic medicine, never had an endoscopy bc I was fed up with drs and the constant amount of medicines and IBS diagnosis'. My husband has suffered from depression, ADD, etc for quite some time. I decided to force him to go and see my dr, bc the more I read, the more I'm convinced he would benefit from a gluten-free diet as well. Guess what...turns out-he is intolerant! Anyway, to get to my rant...my sister is a dr, a family practitioner. I told her about my husband's diagnosis and she said "I don't know what to say about that, I don't really believe that exists" Huh??? So annoying and frustrating. When I was having "accidents" in my pants, making trips to the ER, in constant pain, and going from dr to dr,always frustrated, she would get mad at me and tell me it was me,and the drs knew what they were doing and I needed to listen to them (even though,after 30 years, I think I knew something wasn't right). Anyway, I guess I'm just annoyed for someone to be so closed minded.I'm not pushing my convictions on anyone, but there's no denying that I am so much improved from my diet. Argh, my other frustration is, at this point my husband and I are convinced that our 2 year old needs to be on the gluten-free diet as well, and she loves having him over. I don't want this to ruin that, either. So frustrating! I already doubted myself so many times before my diagnosis, this is not helping
  13. nu_to_no_glu

    My Dog Ate My Bread!

    Hahahaha...don't think I didn't consider for a moment making a BLT out of the nasty, slobbery, gnarled portion left on the floor!
  14. nu_to_no_glu

    My Dog Ate My Bread!

    Earlier this week I caught him licking the top of my gluten-free beer...I think he's an addict!
  15. nu_to_no_glu

    My Dog Ate My Bread!

    I'm not gonna lie...yelling DID help...