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  1. my doc had me take halfLytely im not really sure if that is gluten free you will have to ask your doc. there are prep...
  2. ben73503

    Test Results

    yea but now i have a list of the tests he is suppose to run when checking for celiac disease
  3. yes it is lol now that i look back on it. it sucked really bad it doesnt taste good at all...its like drinking really...
  4. well for the colonoscopy you will have to drink a lovely cocktail that will clean you out. make sure you are drinking...
  5. ben73503

    Test Results

    no i started watching what i ate before they did that test...not knowing that i should have been eating a full gluten...
  6. ben73503

    Test Results

    IGA, Serum 179 mg/dL reference range 81-463 the doc who did the testing in the lab at brooke army med center in...
  7. i just got my test results back after 3 weeks and i have no clue how to read them. i have been trying to get my doc to...
  8. ben73503

    Lab Results

    im having the same problem as freda66. i finally got my lab test back after 3 weeks and my IGA, Serum had a result of...