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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

      This Celiac.com FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to Celiac.com's FREE weekly eNewsletter   What is Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet? What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease?  Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet What if my doctor won't listen to me? An Open Letter to Skeptical Health Care Practitioners Gluten-Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes


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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Weight Gain And Loss

    Thank you! I am doing well on the gluten free diet and have done very little replacement therapy with snacks and such. In most cases, bread is replaced with lettuce for sandwiches and such, so it's definitely been a healthy transition. I'm sorry to hear you can't have dairy... I hope you're supplementing with vitamins!
  3. I'm relatively new to the gluten-free lifestyle (since May '09) and it seems I now have a very reasonable appetite whereas before going gluten-free, I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I suppose this is logical since my innards were so damaged I wasn't absorbing nutrients and my body was craving them constantly, but why do such a high percentage of celiacs have the opposite symptoms? I had weight gain for YEARS, then after going gluten-free, I'm consistently losing weight. Has anyone else experienced this flip-flop of symtpoms? What can I expect to see over the next 6 months (bringing me to my gluten-free anniversary)? Thanks!
  4. Anyone Unemployed Or Divorced Because Of Celiac?

    Everyone deals with sick people differently, just like they deal with their own illnesses differently. The key is that both people have to be able to understand the feelings of the other. It's not a well person's job to be the sole caretaker and to be understanding. Even healthy people need those things. I don't know what else may be affecting your marriage and job, but I hope you can figure out your future and start living in a positive environment!
  5. First Time With Catered Food

    Your best bet is to start by simply inquiring about what foods will be served. There is likely to be a natural point in the conversation where you could introduce your needs into the conversation (like: "Thank you for giving me all of this useful information. I have an intolerance to wheat/gluten and I wanted to be sure of the menu before attending..." etc etc). There are so many gluten free foods, that department shouldn't have any issues providing easy choices for you and other gluten intolerant folks. Good luck!
  6. There are plenty of ways to discreetly inquire about gluten free menus/items at a restaurant. You can call ahead, pull the greeter aside and ask, or simply ask the waiter when he/she comes around taking drink orders. The French pride themselves on their culinary accomplishments so you'll likely find that France is the best place to be gluten free!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to this website/forum, so bear with me if I am just rehashing old news... I was diagnosed with celiac 5 months ago and went gluten free immediately. I noticed a drastic reduction in my symptoms within about 2 and 1/2 months (yay), but now I have new symptoms (boo). I am losing weight (whereas, on gluten I was gaining weight due to constant cravings for food since I wasn't absorbing nutirients) and I am always sick after eating. It doesn't happen right away and I know I'm not eating any gluten at all, so don't bother asking that. Some examples of meals I have had recently are: Grilled chicken and veges (made at home in a gluten free kitchen) Salad (greens, cucumber, tomatoes, homemade vinaigrette) Mashed potatoes and asparagus (made at home) I really have a hard time working after lunch because I feel tired and nauseas and just want to lay down and go to sleep. What is wrong with me?