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  1. Thanks for your response. In this instance, my post was not seeking information; I was just offering some thoughts in response to others in this thread who identified Sinus issues. The long story I posted after that was because I didn't find any thread for member introductions so thought I'd just put it all here, and refer back to it if need be.
  2. hi, this would be my first post on the forum, it was a visit to a doctor in late 2008 that he considered the possibility of gluten intolerance based on symptoms and also, following a thorough blood test, determining that my body was fighting something, but i can't be too sure of the details now. anyway, i have been pretty good about avoiding direct ingestion of gluten/wheat by avoiding bread, wheat flour products etc. occasionally i have minor symptoms as a result of soy sauce ingestion which results in a bloated feeling or, at most, head pressure. in the last month or so i have
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