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  1. My sister and her daughter live in Sneads Ferry, right near Jacksonville both are gluten-free. Her daughter is going into first grade! Let me know if you want to meet, she is excellent at gluten free cooking!
  2. Not sure of tour companies but many cruise lines (Princess, Royal, Disney, etc) are great for gluten-free guests. Disney resorts are AMAZING for Allergies! I have never been but maybe check out Finland (even their McDonalds's offer are gluten-free breads) or other countries are have a high rate...
  3. I am pretty sweet! But I eat milkshakes other places, they do have a seasonal shamrock shake still available and it is not gluten free maybe it is just a contamination issue with the mixer/blender used. I never had to check before b/c the triple thick shakes came straight from the machine no mixer...
  4. I tried a chocolate milkshake from one of the McCafes. They made it like Mcfrappe with the whip cream and drizzle and I was sick in 20 mins and for 2 days. Not sure why, their milkshakes used to come straight from a machine but I believe they have changed them at the McCafe locations.
  5. The only french fries I will eat out is Red Robin who have a gluten free menu and a dedicated fryer, Chick-fil-a who have dedicated fryers and every manager guarantees that the chicken is not mixed with the fries. Other than that is not worth the chance when you can make Ore-Ida and Alexi's at home...
  6. I had a similar problem and it was related to soda and not getting enough "dry" time. I would definitely see the doctor to have the bacteria cultured for what antibiotic to use. I personally, can not drink more than a soda every other day without problems due to the sugar. I buy and drink a...
  7. This is what I use on a regular basis: Shampoo: California Baby (for sensitive adults too) found at Target in the baby section. (Most Dove and Suave products are gluten-free too Soap: Burt's Bees radiance bar (Target) Hand Soap: Softsoap original (gluten-free ) Moisturizer: Burt's Bees...