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    Hi - New here and need some help please!!! My son is 7 years old. At about 1 year old he became extremely picky. His life pretty much consists of eating bread and not much else. I really feel like it is due to a gluten and/or wheat intolerance. About a year ago we did blood testing. All came back negative. We did the small intestine biopsy. That came back negative as well. The only symptom he seems to have is constipation. He doesn't really complain of stomach pains. He barely eats anything. He is tall for his age and his weight seems about normal. When we went through all the testing a year ago our pediatrician sent us to Children's Hospital to a GI specialist. Since the biopsy came back normal that was all the testing that was done. So I just went on with life and let him continue eating his bread. I don't like the fact that he continues to just want bread. I know there is a problem and feel the bread eating is his way of trying to make himself feel better. I have recently tried taking him off gluten but it has been extremely difficult because he just won't eat much. I guess the purpose of this post is to get advice. I just don't know what to do. Do I just completely get him off the gluten and see what happens or do I go back to our pediatrician and see what else can be done? I just feel so frustrated and just want to cry. Kim