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  1. It's exactly like the cereal you linked to, but nothing added in the way of sugar, salt, "enriched" vitamins, etc. I mix mine with yogurt or use it as a topping for sorbet or frozen yogurt.
  2. It's puffed rice, but it also has sugars and other stuff added. The OP wants a pure (unsweetened) rice puff. The difference in calories is significant when you add all of that sugar.
  3. Well, I eat Natures Path Rice Puffs everyday without issue. I realize that it is made on equipment that processes wheat (this company is quite diligent and won't label them as gluten free, where other companies might) but I think the must do a pretty good cleaning job. That said, everyone is different...
  4. Yes, also if you have long hair, your hair can blow into your face/mouth area. Happens to me all of the time, so gluten free shampoo and conditioner is very important to me. I saw a big improvement when I went completely gluten free on the cosmetics/shampoos/soaps/etc.
  5. Yeah, I saw those in the store recently too and was wondering if we are now going to start seeing CC issues with M&Ms? I wonder if they are made on the same lines as plain or peanut?
  6. Yeah, I noticed that the gluten-free Betty Crocker mixes are made in a gluten free facility in Canada. I suspect (but have no proof) that it is the same facility as Gluten Free pantry or another of the Canadian gluten free manufactures, there are several. I did notice that the ingredients in the...
  7. I liked the taste okay, not as creamy as even fat free frozen yogurt. I can kind of see the frozen protein shake thing, but better. I was a bit unsatisfying on the sweet tooth. But it is really low cal, and if I did not have such a reaction, I would continue to buy it.
  8. Perhaps it is just me, but I reacted horribly to Arctic Zero, really bad gluten like symptoms. I know it is labeled gluten free, and I have no idea if it is a CC thing or just ME reacting poorly to something else in the product. Probably the later, but I am curious to hear what others say. I did...
  9. Caramel Coloring in FOOD must be labeled if it was derived from wheat. In other products, I call just to be on the safe side. But, if it is a food item, labeled gluten free (with caramel coloring) but no mention of wheat, I would not worry.
  10. You know, I read lists like that and I just can't help but thinking why in the world are they putting gluten ingredients in something like (non-flavored) dry roasted walnuts? That is insane. Thanks for posting that!
  11. I agree, you have to have a restaurant that understands gluten issues and has trained it's staff about the dedicated fryer. I remember way back in high school we would fry all sorts of weird food things in the fryer, never thinking about CC. Could not be further from a 16 year-old's mind. Also...