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  1. StephanieGF

    Lectin Lock - Product Review

    I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this product? I am looking for something to help with Corn CC when eating...
  2. StephanieGF

    Gluten-free Dining In Northern Virginia

    I use to go here back in my pre-gluten free days. I have no idea how they would handle gluten cross contamination. ...
  3. I so wish Udi's would find something else to use as a "mold inhibitor." My family can eat Udi's but I can't because...
  4. Hmm... I react to Quinoa quickly with a tummy ache, not the same a gluten for me, but very painful. Do you eat Quinoa...
  5. People occasionally love to post the "oak barrels being corked by wheat flour thing," but I really think it is urban...
  6. Really? I would put money on King Arthur's. That said, it could be many other things...
  7. I've seen a few DC threads, but I'm looking for a restaurant that has a gluten free menu or is very accommodating and...
  8. Quite a few of us (myself included) have strong reactions to Quinoa, even when it is perfectly safe (gluten free.) So...
  9. StephanieGF

    Against The Grain

    We have had great success with ATG pizza crusts by using a pizza pan that has little holes in it and letting it preheat...
  10. It's exactly like the cereal you linked to, but nothing added in the way of sugar, salt, "enriched" vitamins, etc. I...
  11. It's puffed rice, but it also has sugars and other stuff added. The OP wants a pure (unsweetened) rice puff. The difference...
  12. Well, I eat Natures Path Rice Puffs everyday without issue. I realize that it is made on equipment that processes wheat...
  13. StephanieGF


    Wow, that sucks. I like redbridge as it is. A more watered down redbridge is not going to be so good. Are all states...
  14. StephanieGF

    Foreman Cross-Contamination?

    Is the Foreman non-stick? I have heard (from here) that non-stick is very hard to de-gluten. Something to do with the...
  15. Yeah, I had unbelievable dizzy-like problems before going gluten free. IT is the reason I tried eliminating so many...