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  1. Does it absolutely SUCK that you have to take your own food everywhere, and explain why? YES. A thousand times YES. But it is also your choice to restrict your participation, and thereby, your kid's involvement, due to food. My husband was an active alcoholic, and because I was an undiagnosed...
  2. Your bird dog looks so soft and fluffy...my god if it was real...it would be a riot to watch it eat!!! LOL ...I want one..!!! LOL!

  3. I've had the white chocolate bars without a problem, and they don't list wheat. I bought the chocolate/caramel bars before too for my husband and they didn't list wheat either. I'm super sensitive, and generally will have a problem from products that are produced on the same lines. I haven't had...
  4. Thank you!! I love EA too. -Daisy