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  1. I had to send you a message because your profile picture made me laugh. I visited Australia a few years ago (I"m Canadian) and spent over an hour in a park in Canberra trying to get a photo of those birds (still have no idea what they're called!) with their little yellow things on their head sticking up! They just wouldn't cooperate with me!

  2. Hiya Gluten sensitive + FODMAP + more from Sydney right here! There's a bunch of people on fructose/FODMAP diets at the yahoo group called 'fructose malabsorption australia' and there are plenty of people there who are gluten free too. It's a massive pain having more than just gluten to...
  3. I spoke to someone at red rock today, and I was pretty impressed. She was aware of celiac and gluten issues, and was happy to give me a lot of detail about their processes. She said that they fry the chips, then add the salt and add a very fine spray of palm oil to help it stick. They don't have...
  4. Yep, just the sea salt ones. I'll ask about corn in the salt if you like, why not kill two birds with one stone. I eat potatoes regularly and I'm sure I don't have a problem with them, so it's really only a possible contamination issue I'm considering here. I also suspect shared machinery, I'll see...
  5. Hi all Heads up - I'm pretty sure that the potato chips in question are an Aussie brand only. I've been eating the plain chips as the ingredients are safe for gluten and my elimination diet and there's no 'may contain traces' warning on the pack. However, a couple of times in the last...
  6. There's 2 possibilities that I can think of, other than a simple banana intolerance. Bananas contain a type of amine that people can be sensitive to. Amines are found in most meats (especially cured), cheese (especially matured or ripened), chocolate, and bananas. I can't remember all the amine...
  7. I definitely have an intolerance to rice, I found this out while on an elimination diet, when I increased my rice consumption my digestion went crazy. I also had mood and concentration problems. This was caused by eating a lot of brown rice products, though I seemed to be ok with white rice before...
  8. Hi Soph, hope you don't mind a PM. Its just you have been so informative and friendly. So I

  9. There are different brands depending on whether you are in coles, woolies, iga etc. I'm not a fan of most of the gluten-free breads they sell, but IGA does sell a brand called Zehnder, the wholemeal is to die for. I find more of my favourites in woolies than coles, but coles has an arrangement to...
  10. It's always hard to start with, but trust me, it will get better. If you're stuck for substitute foods, let us know where you are and we can recommend brands we know are good. I've had 2 years gluten-free, and have found all the subsitute foods that I will ever need! The more I hear from others...