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  1. does anyone on here see spots for just an instant? I've heard this can be due to malnutrition--possibly poor nutrient...
  2. Made a thread about this a while back that didn't get much of a response. skip to the bottom for main questions Sometimes...
  3. Are there any universities that actually know what they are doing that accomodate students on a gluten free diet with...
  4. collins146

    Gluten Free Chain Restaurants

    First Watch's menu looks awesome. This isn't very encouraging though: "The following includes a comprehensive list of...
  5. When I eat out now it has to be at Ruby Tuesday, Chile's, Uno's, Outback, or Olive Garden(these are the chains in my...
  6. twe0708 it definately is not worth it. If you need further convincing or your daughter does there are plenty of sources...
  7. Anyone tried the gluten free Iphone apps? I'm thinking about getting an Ipod touch partly for these.
  8. collins146


    Are grits ok on the Gluten free diet?
  9. collins146

    Orbit Gum

    This is for Orbit spearmint.... IDK if other flavors have different ingredients sorbitol, gum base, glycerol, mannitol...
  10. Accutane is known to cause a myriad of side effects and autoimmune disorders are included. I took accutane and I think...
  11. Someone in a recipe said that they use "gluten free deli turkey".... Do certain brands of deli meats possibly contain...
  12. Eating Gluten-free Casein-free at restaurants seems tough.... What can you do, compare the gluten free menu with the...
  13. collins146

    Nuts And Nut Butters.

    Natural peanut butter's ingredients are peanuts and salt is this ok for glute free
  14. I started trying to be gluten free 2 weeks ago and so far its been ok. My doctor suggested a diet that did not contain...