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  1. beth67

    G-Free Seeds

    I usually buy my seeds and nuts in the bulk section of my store but the other day as I was about to pop some seeds into my mouth I looked down and along with the seeds there was a grain of barley. I should know better. I'm sure there is all kinds of contamination in those bins. So, does anyone know of a gluten free company that packages seeds and nuts?
  2. I was diagnosed with celiacs last September but still didn't feel good after three months on the diet so I had allergy testing done. I'm allergic to several things but can reintroduce after being off them for three months but the doctor said I have a fixed allergy to eggs and milk. I've been off the two since the beginning of February and still don't feel well. I've discovered that eggs and milk go by many names and I thought I was doing good until I looked at my vitamins which all have gelatin and that can be a source of eggs. Not sure if that small amount could be causing me to still feel bad. Does anyone have any info on a good brand of vitamins without any allergens? Thanks, Beth
  3. Yes this does help. Thank you. I'm going to take out all positive foods and hopefully I'll start to feel better soon. Beth
  4. I've been gluten free for four months but still felt bad so I had a test done by Alletess Medical Lab called the IgG, IgA and IgE ELISA and I'm having a hard time understanding the results and my doctor is out of town and I'm anxious to understand what it all means. Wondering if anyone knows how to interpret it. An example is the IgG page where almonds have a score of 0.206 and it's a one score on the class section. The range is under 0.199=0, 0.200-0.299=1, 0.300-0.399=2 and greater thank 0.400=3. I'm wondering if anything above 0 is positive or anything in the 1 class is ok and anything in the 2 class and higher is what I should avoid. Anyone know what this means. Beth
  5. I've been gluten free since september 09. I had bad muscle and joint pain and still do but not as bad as before. I was basically house bound. A couple of weeks ago I had food allergy testing done to check for 92 food sensitivites and it turns out I'm allergic to several things. Hopefully getting off these foods will help with the remaining pain and tiredness and insomnia. Have you had allergy testing done to see if you have other sensitivites? Beth
  6. beth67

    Genetic Testing For Kids

    I found out in July I have celiac disease. I've been reading a really good book by Dr. Peter Green who is the director of the celiac disease center at Columbia University. He said that the children of celiacs should be tested. I told my twelve year old this and he freaked out. He has a tendency to pass out during blood tests so this is going to be a dramatic thing for me and him. I'm thinking of doing the genetic test first and if that is positive get the blood test. Has anyone done the genetic test? I see on this site there is an ad for my celiac id genetic test. I'm wondering if one company is better than another. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Beth
  7. beth67

    Strange Facial Sensations

    Thank you both for replying. Makes me feel a little better knowing this is normal. I actually stopped taking all my vitamins before my endoscopy and haven't taken them for the last two weeks so maybe it's time to start taking them again. Beth
  8. I was diagnosed last July. Went gluten free for two months. Two weeks ago I had an endoscopy and biopsy which confirmed diagnosis. Ate gluten for three days before biopsy. Had the cramps and body pain. In the last few days I've developed strange sensations in my cheeks, mostly the left one. First they felt hot but when I touched them they were cool. Now my left cheek feels like there is icy hot bengay cream on it. My cheek still feels cool to the touch like the other one. It also feels a little numb. I'm wondering if this is part of the neuropethy side effect some people have eating gluten. It's been two weeks since eating gluten again and the biopsy. I feel yucky still. The intestinal cramps are gone and my bathroom stuff is back to normal. I feel achy all over and have low back pain and I feel like I'm in a fog and my ears are ringing horribly. Does anyone know if this weird cheek sensation can be a gluten symptom. Beth
  9. Penny, Regarding paleofood.com I'm familiar with it but I don't think it's linked with Cordain's page or philosophy because your right, I think he doesn't think salt is a good thing. Alot of the recipes do have salt in them. I cut down salt for other people I'm cooking for but for me however I'm on two different potassium sparing diuretics for a kidney disorder called Gitelman's syndrome where I lose too much potassium and since the diuretics cause me to lose salt I can have some extra. There is a site called paleodiet.com and it has interesting articles. I like the one by Ron Hoggan who has celiacs and Don Wiss called Factors That Inhibit Calcium Absorption and an interview of Loren Cordain about the paleo diet. This site has the link to the paleofood.com site you mentioned. thepaleodiet.com site which is by Cordain has alot of good articles he and other researchers have written. When you read the evidence it's pretty convincing that the paleo diet is a really healthy way to eat. Beth
  10. beth67

    Recovering From Endoscopy

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I will call my dr. just to let him know whats going on. Beth
  11. I had an endoscopy done last Tuesday so I ate gluten on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Had bad cramps of course. It is now Thursday and I still feel cruddy. Not so many cramps just dizzy, can't think straight, can't think of words to say. I had been gluten free for two months prior to eating gluten last weekend when I found out I had it in July. My stomach is a little painful from where I'm guessing the biopsy was done. I think it's the after effects of eating the gluten and slowly but surely I'll start to feel better again. Maybe I forgot how bad it used to be on the gluten. If anyone else has had an endoscopy, did your stomach hurt from the biopsy or do you think it was the eating gluten that made your stomach hurt. Beth
  12. I think Cordain has done some really good research. On his site you can download free articles. The paleo diet really makes sense. I keep talking about going back to the caveman diet but keep faltering. I need to reread Cordains arguments about why it is a good diet to remind me. I had my endoscopy last Tuesday so now I can be a pure no gluten person so I had a little fun and made gluten free chocolate chip cookies. They were really good. Too good. I don't feel so good after eating them because I don't usually eat sweets. I think the rice flour is over processed and isn't really good for us. I cut out other inflammatories today but messed up with the cookies. I don't think I will be making them again. Tonight I had game hen with roasted carrots. Very good and filling. Didn't miss the simple carb side dish like rice or potatoes. Beth
  13. Hi Penny, You hit on a topic I am really interested in right now and find people think I'm nut's when I talk about it. I also went vegan in college looking for better health. I lost weight but still had headaches. I've always been interested in nutrition so when my physical therapist suggested an anti inflammatory diet to help joint inflammation and general pain and foggy thinking I said sure I'll give it a try. After a couple of weeks I started to feel much better but I faltered and went back to the old processed diet and felt bad again. Then my kidney doctor wanted me in the hospital for iv iron but I felt we should figure out why I was anemic in the first place. Doing my own research I diagnosed myself with celiac disease and requested a test from my doctor which came out positive. Had an endoscopy yesterday which confirmed it. I have been doing the gluten free diet for about two months and I still have alot of joint pain and generalized all over pain. It occured to me that the stuff they sell for celiacs is over processed and pro inflammatory. I had to eat gluten for the endoscopy and biopsy last weekend but now that it's over I an going to concentrate on the anti inflammatory diet. I did feel alot better after two weeks a few months ago when I was good about the diet. I am weak sometimes and I just really need to stick with it to feel the full results. A good book I read was The Inflammation Syndrome by Jack Challen and another good writer is Ron Hoggan who has articles on the web. The paleo or caveman diet is in line with the anti inflammation idea. Loren Cordain has written articles and a book about it. What I'm getting out of my diet is potatoes, rice, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, coffee, sugar. I'm starting this today and of course I have a terrible headache because I haven't had my cup of coffee and I'm feeling like a druggy and thinking up all kinds of excuses to have it because it probably would help my headache but also withdrawing from it is what has made the headache in the first place. Vicious cycle. Have you tried the anti inflammation diet or know of good articles or other books? Beth
  14. I'm back from my endoscopy and it really wasn't that bad. I have a fuzzy memory of a black tube and some discomfort and someone holding my hand. When I woke up they said I wasn't under enough and had to give me some more drugs. Don't remember anything else though. I enjoyed not having any aches and pains there for awhile when I woke up because I have low back and sacro iliac joint pain but now the drugs are waring off and I'm feeling achy again. Probably achy from eating gluten for the last two days to prepare for the biopsy. There was no sign of cancer or ulcers but in the report I got it said something about the lining being flattened which confirms the ciliac diagnosis. Now I'm officially off gluten for the rest of my life. Since I had to eat it for the test I had a little fun. I had french bread, a doughnut, and cookies. It was fun for a little while until I had to hang onto the kitchen counter so I wouldn't collapse from the cramping that I knew was coming. I think I'll go make some gluten free bread in my new breadmaker with a gluten free setting. It comes out really good. Thank you all for the feedback about the procedure. Beth
  15. I found out I have celiacs two months ago and have been gluten free and enjoying not having stomach pain. My doctor wants to do an endoscopy to see if there is any damage or tumors. I've been eating gluten for two days to prepare and it hasn't been fun. I've been getting really bad cramps. So bad I've had to hang onto the kitchen counter until they pass. Can anyone tell me what it's like to have an endoscopy and how you feel afterwards. Thanks, Beth