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  1. hello! i thought i would share my advice as someone who is currently in college and dealing with celiac. i actually go to college in towson, md...im not quite sure how far that it from annapolis. anyway, i was diagnosed at the beginning of this semster, so ive been working on how to deal with it. I dont have a kitchen in my room, but I do have a stove and oven in the dorm common room (most colleges have this). I brought my own pots and pans from home and i have a supply of different gluten free foods that i can cook for myself. I highly recommend doing something like this, because as helpful as the dining service can be, there is always a chance of cross contamination or someone not knowing exactly what is in the food. Ive already been glutened a few times just because a cook didnt really know what was in the food. im not going to lie, its hard to do, but its not impossible. im on the lowest possible meal plan my school offers so that i can cook some of my own meals and not waste money. My friends are good about going out to eat and they try to pick restaurants they know i can go to. i would just recommend talking to your dining service about celiac to make sure they know you have it and you have very specific dietary restrictions. and like i said before try to bring pots and pans so you have the option of cooking yourself. good luck with college! emily
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    College Students With Celiac Disease

    hello everyone! i just wanted to join in on this subject. im a college sophomore and i was just diagnosed in the beginning of september. it really is tough trying to do well in school and get used to celiac disease and gluten free. i live in the dorms and have to eat in the cafe. most nights my only gluten free options are fruit and salad. its so frustrating to not be able to eat, and my school isnt doing much in the way of providing more options. i would love to talk to anybody if ya want...heres my info: AIM- emili1242 email- emili1242@yahoo.com good luck to everyone! oh yea and i go to Goucher College in Towson, MD. anyone go to school around there?
  3. hey everyone! im quite new to this forum and to celiac (i was just diagnosed a couple weeks ago). Since being diagnosed i've been really careful about what i eat and as far as i know have not had any gluten. however, ive been feeling so tired lately even though im getting a normal amount of sleep. i also feel really sad and depressed...there are times where i will just lay around and not want to/feel up to doing anything. plus i feel just as sick, if not more, than i did before i stopped eating gluten. ive been keeping a journal of what i eat and its mostly just fruit, cheese, meat, and veggies so im pretty sure theres not gluten. and one last weird thing...everytime i eat i feel really full after really small amounts of food. like i could eat three strawberries and feel really full even if i havent eaten for hours. i was just wondering if anyone else experienced these feelings or if im just crazy and am making it all up in my head.