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  1. scoobydoobydoo

    Liar, Liar?

    judging from my own experience and the other replies on this board, you will have to deal with a lot of ignorance about your medical condition. sorry he is being a prick
  2. scoobydoobydoo

    What Do You Do

    ?? have any tips and tricks to make the gluten pass through your system quicker or lessen the immune reaction? anything in particular you do to relax and take your mind off the glutening?
  3. thanks a lot!! i am talking to my dad about this today. in addition to that i may write a note in red sharpie and leave it on the fridge (sounds kind of agressive, haha but if i dont he will probably forget!)
  4. scoobydoobydoo

    Wild Dreams

    i dreamed i was eating basketfulls of bread and butter. all of a sudden i remembered that i was not supposed to eat bread, wondered how i could have forgotten and panicked. another time after buying gluten free pancake mix, i dreamed...
  5. scoobydoobydoo

    Hi All

    thank you :)
  6. great thread. i have only been gluten free for about 4 months and only very recently trying to be "strict" about it, and already frustrated by the incomprehension of family members. i cant entirely blame them though, since celiac is not...
  7. scoobydoobydoo

    Hi All

    hi everyone, i just registered today and thought i would introduce myself and give a little background on my condition. i would really love to hear any advice you may have, as i have not been officially diagnosed and do not go to the doctor...
  8. scoobydoobydoo

    Wild Dreams

    yes, i have those exact same dreams