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  1. Hello, Annie's Gluten-free mac and cheese is only 2.39 at IGA here in Vancouver. Whole Foods is usually competitve on frozen waffles and certain snack foods. There's always a sale! Their price on Udi's bagles and breads is the best...
  2. Hello, I'm also a mom to three! Udi's bagels and breads are now at the 41st and Dunbar IGA in Vancouver, BC. Also at WHOLE FOODS on FOurth Avenue (and slightly better priced there).
  3. Surattius

    Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    Hello all, Vancouver calling. Anyone else with a recently-diagnosed depressed eight year old? I'm getting tired of baking things that he doesn't even want to try. Susan
  4. Hi there, My son is eight and has just been diagnosed. When I read your story I thought it was ours! He is teeny tiny and weighs 40 lbs. His 5 year old bro is almost as tall and he is tiny too. I'm so hoping that Gluten-free helps...
  5. Surattius

    3 Weeks Into Celiac Diet Frustrations

    Cherie, Very sympathetic on the frustration with having to pack your own food everywhere and getting tired when you don't eat! Also, college under even the BEST of circumstances is tough and frustrating. I was so depressed in first year...
  6. Surattius

    How Did You Start Your Diet

    Hi, We are on week three and I am getting tired too. I have heard that it can take quite a while for the small intestine to recover, months, so you still may find relief on that side. Watch out for hidden gluten. I worry that you might...
  7. Hi, I experience massive headaches after ingesting perhaps rather a lot of sorghum-based muffins. It wasn't a gluten reaction, it was something else entirely. Has anyone else found that sorghum gives them a nasty reaction? Any other...
  8. Hi there, My son is 8 and in grade four. He's just recently been diagnosed and he used to eat bread almost exclusively (like an addict!). Anyway, his best bud is peanut-free, so no PBJ forus. I do a hotdog, bare, cut up in a Thermos...