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  1. An endocrinologist diagnosed my Celiacs, my presenting symptoms were hypoglycemia and seizure disorder. He put me on a "grain free/sugar free" diet. If your intestines have been heavily damaged by Celiacs it will take a long time to recover fully (if ever). Perhaps you have leaky gut going on and candidiasis - which will make you feel terrible! Might be a good idea to go to an endocrinologist and have your adrenal, thyroid, blood sugar checked - or do a low carb diet. From the sound of your symptoms I think candidiasis, which you can clear up with sugar, grain free (no corn, oats, rice, or and
  2. The best worst I've ever had a doctor say to me was from a Neurologist. "Could be a brain tumor, could be a panic attack, won't know til the 2nd MRI" and then walks out of the room. I paid $300 bucks for that (by the way, that's all he said to me) - turned out to be a lesion.
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