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  1. Hey guys, I'm gluten and soy intolerant. I have the gluten thing under control but recently I had soy and it stopped...
  2. cyoshimit

    Soy Intolerance

    I recently confirmed my intolerance to soy. My heart rate slowed, fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness...
  3. Last Thursday my sisters puppy bit me, dont worry I took care of it right away and she has had all her shots, but soon...
  4. cyoshimit

    Doing Better:)

    As compared to a couple weeks ago I am doing so much better. I don't remeber when thenlast time I had brain fog. So that...
  5. cyoshimit

    Naturopath Or Holistic Worth A Try?

    I hv been working with my holistic doctor for almost 6 years now. I started out when I was young and pretty rebelious...
  6. Maybe you still need to eat more even when you are not as hungry? I had a similar issue, where I didn't feel as hungry...
  7. cyoshimit

    Depression Confusion

    Going to complain again. My whole life has been a blur. I don't remeber much in intermediate I started to lose friends...
  8. cyoshimit

    Feeling Different

    [quote name='addict697' date='Oct 13 2009, 11:19 PM']cheer up, you're not pathetic at allll. As for the western...
  9. This topic is meant for support of holistic and alternative healing and sharing experiences. Please do not post negative...
  10. cyoshimit

    Feeling Different

    I don't like feeling so different. The world has it's standards about health care. Western meds is what the majoriy believe...
  11. cyoshimit


    Overwhelming. It's all very overwhelimg. There is so much to learn about c celiac or gluten intolerence. I hv no clue...
  12. Yes that does help. Thank you:)
  13. Wow! Thanks so much for the replies! It's such a reliefs to know that I am not alone in this decision making process...
  14. cyoshimit

    Yesterday... But Today...

    Yesterday I was not well. It was a tough day. That's all I really remember. I just remeber hvin a hard day. And I think...
  15. I totally see your point. I'm prob gonna drop and take care of myself. It will be one less thing that I hv to worry about...