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  1. so my results from blood work came back. the number he threw at me was 3 (dunno the measuring or whatever, but apparently really low, 9 would be high). So, I am definitely gluten sensitive and intolerant because my blood pressure skyrockets, i almsot pass out, and spend the day on the crapper when im glutened. So iam viewing this as a plus. THat while i don't have a firm proven test to show celiac, I am kinda relieved there hasnt been any damage. I felt great several days aftr going gluten free amonth ago, and the weight has been coming off steadily cause I can run well now. I also am scared to even try milk for fear of its effects. so i avoid dairy and stick to goat stuff. ANyone else non celiac but gluten causes them the crazy symptoms? I listed my symptoms to him, and how they cleared up, and he said (almost like i was a kid) there were pyschological benegits that could cause me to 'perk' up . ummm. pardon? did you not hear that all my symptioms went a way for a month? sorry, there's no way it's in my head. Whatever my body's reaction is to gluten, it isnt in my head. the fact i've lost 10 lbs running LESS is not pure dietary less fat . cause i have eaten low fat since i can remember without dropping a pound (including 10 hours a week for two months this year to try and train for an ironman) sigh. anyway, he agreed that the gluten free diet was the way to go. anyone else int eh sae boat? I'll never knowingly ingest gluten again, but i was wondering if anyone else is non celiac, et still displayed the same symptoms ...neurological in nature, depression etc. My thinking is that the severity may not be autoimmune , but the symptoms are still severe enought o be dibilitating? me
  2. i used to get random shapr piercing pains in my ear, in the cartilige of all places, mnot in the ear, but in the top part ont he top most part of your ear. like needle piercing. It hasnt happened since going gluten free 4 weeks ago. no more aches in joints (im a runner and now pain free, i jsut always chaulked it up to ruinning) and muscle cramps even on non running days... anyon else experience this? is thtis the result o antibodies atacking or what? Blair
  3. I initially thought i was just dairy intolerant. Lost some weight real quick and felt better, but still felt like crap a lot. my understanding now is, that the celiac derstroyed any ability my body had to digest milk or dairy. it may come back depending ont he damage. Howev er, i use goat's milk now. it's awesome. i can't tell the difference, but apparently my wife thinks its horrible smellign and tasting. soy makes me sick. regardless, give it a shot. same with the marble goat cheese you can get.frikkin pricy but no wi eat more frutis and vegtables than ever before and feel FANTASTIC. My doctor wants be to go fer the scope, but i have decided that i can't stomach (haha) any gluten anymore. regardless fo what teh scope may tell. THere is no cure, only lifestyle of gluten free food. Thats the way i see it.
  4. I am sooooooooo experiencing the same thing. 4 weeks ago i went to the doc all bloated, and my bp was like 160/110 yet a resting heart rate int he low sixties at the doc office. I can rest and observe it at like 55pbm... I've been gluten free for a month exaclty. even several days after starting the diet, I started , not stopping, on my runs. I've done ironman six times, but not since 2003 and since have gained an easy 40 lbs. 10 have fallen off this month. same running mileage (not where i want it to be ) but ran strong for a full 10k on friday for the first time that i can recall since 2003. ALl i can say is, it's almost miraculous. improved mood, no more gas, no more 20 min session son the crapper (4-5 ttimes a day)...and sadly no more beer. However cider is fine:) it's absolutely crazy the athletic improvement, the strength, and the 18 hour days i have now, whereas i used to want to sleep all day if i could. evenign naps were frequent. i jsut hope it continues! i weigh like 225 now, down from almost 240 originally. I first thought it was jsut lactose intolerance. doc said, celiac was a mimicker... anywho...i jhope to race another iron next year, all slim perhaps for the first time! Cheers Blair
  5. alrghty gross topic i know. but it's almost a coin toss. Does floting poop mean high fat. seems to be no clear internet source as to what your poop tells you. I see ummm. floaters (the small tiny ones..) along with a healthy (from aaaaaaall the scuttlebutt, pun intended) siking ..umm main poop. My conculsion thuus far is, my butt doesnt hurt anymore (lotsa sandpaper like feeling from all the diahreea in the past I assume) I had a colonoscopy this year and it was clean as a whistle, and no hemmeroids (spelling?) anyway. jus thtought i'd ask. I have noticed that pooping now takes like 5 min max. used to be on the throne for at least 20 min a shot, three or four times a day. Now it's painless, quick n easy. 3 weeks gluten free.
  6. update to my frustration with weight loss... It's progressing! ran at lunch on a course that used to take me at least 50 min (with at least two or three minutre duration walk braks..watch stopped of course;) ) and today i rocked it. No stops...and 4 min faster over 9k!!!!!!!!!!!!woohooooo.. Then i stepped on the evil scale at the gym. you know, the lying one that is broken cause it doesnt tell ya what ya wanna hear....and I dropped another 2.5 lbs! suince like thursday...so my min expectation is approx 2lbs a week...which is like weight watchers rate of loss! i can live with that. Time to step up the workouts and get swimmiong and riding again!
  7. TRy GOAT CHEESE I just made some rice pasta with ground turkey in it, veggies, and then baked it with goat cheese on top! I also switched to goat's milk with no problems....
  8. THANKS FOR ALL THE REPLIES... i also forgot to mention the reflux! It dissapeared like day two of going gluten free and has never come back. let's not forget to mention bathroom trips are now less than five min in the AM rather than frequently aaaaaaaall day for at least 20 min a pop Joint pain and aches. GONE! took about a coupla weeks for that... wt Frik! i've been living sick all this time thinking it was normal! My days are now 18 hours long fulll of activity and energy, rather than needing a nap. I used to come home for work and like pass out till 7 or so, thinking it was the run that did me in. we just ripped out basement out adn starteed remodelling. I feel like superman now! Now if only the weight would come off faster. I know i have to be patient. 2lbs a week is prob best...so far a drop of about 7 lbs is the deal since aug 31. Not bad i guess considering i couldnt lose any at all before. I also noticed my fingernails are ridged and indented. holy malnutrition batman? I have one more question. what is the science, concering the weight. I am now losing, but i read that it celiac affects you in one of two ways. ultra malourished and dethly thin, or weigh gain to the point of never being able to lose. It ain't about excercise, cause for about three months this spring i somehow got up to 9 hours a week training, and couldnt lose. so what is the science..?
  9. So, Saw my doctor almost three weeks ago. WEnt to him because I thought I had figure out i was lactose intolerant, which I am. I was drinking litres of milk a day, loved ice cream, let's not forget cheese. Backstroy: I've done six ironmans, but have always looked puffy. The strange looks i would get runnign due to my stocky appearance were hilarious. I always raced around 200 lbs, but am now at 230 , and that's even down..so far But i have been unable to successfully train since 2003. Chaulked it up to age, and drinking beer all the time (not helpful either) So, finally i cut out dairy, fel a littel better, but still am gassy and bloated. I never wante d to think i had to give up my beloved beer. More importantly, i couldn't run very far without stopping. Felt like legs of lead, and getting out the dor to run was the hardest thing. and not opne poundfell off...ever. So he orders the test and have another appointment in two weks. However, I went gluten free as soon as h said he was testing it. That day I had bloat and pain cause i had a few beer the night before, attempted to run 5k (stopped al ot felt miserable) and my blood pressure was through the roof! like 180 over 110 or some crazy number. I tested it a week later after gluten free but at least the seocnd number was under 100. I have NEVER had blood pressure problems ever...in fact had my heart tested two years back on a treadmill etc, and everything was excellent. I have always had a low heart rate due to endurance training, and even at the docs officetwo weeks ago,the pressure was high but my resting heart rate is UNDER 60. sigh. ANyone else out there in my boat (bloat?) So i's been 2.5 weeks since i went gluten free, and what a difference. I am wondering if its the power of suggestion, bt I am running fast again, and WELL...climbing hills, speed is up. I drink the ol stronbows, but no bloat. in 2.5 weeks i lost almost 6 lbs . I had a spike on monday cause i think i dranks some fruit juice that kiiiiiled my stomach. was sickly and tired, and worst of all, on the crapper all day. So, am i being impatient in thinkin i have to wait foreverfor weight to fall of? Not even three weeks, but i thought i t would go faster cause I am training better the lasttwo weeks, and feeling fantastic (cept for monday when i think i glutenned myself) How long does anyone think it shoudl take for me to drop down to 200? weeks? months? I also started reading eveything, and even think i am malnourished because of my fingernail ridges iam seeing. I also want to know why i gained wait if malnourished instead of storing fat? Im excited about the blood resutls, but already know I am gluten intolerant or allergic, it's rather opbvious cause and effect now. Thank god i can still eat peanut butter. Ialso don't crave things...like beer. is that weird? i craaaaaaved beer, may be my only source of nutriution? If anyone else has a simlar story, i would love to hear it, and any comments on anythign i wrote. Me
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