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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have what was diagnosed as a herniated muscle just under my lowest left rib. Don't know if its related but it makes it hard to to sit ups . If it gets moved the wrong way it will hurt for a week.
  3. I was the same way before finding out I had celiac. It was so bad my hands cramped into one shape and I could barely hold on to anything (I'm an optician so this was a HUGE problem.) Also, my feet were so big I couldn't wear my regular shoes. A few a the medical people I saw actually started to...
  4. zakismom

    Help I Need Gf Wedding Cake

    I can't help you make a cake but I can tell you that some of the best cakes I've ever had have been gluten free. My mother made me a chocolate cake that had lentils in it-- I know that sounds weird but it was rich and fudgy and moist. Also, around the holidays I make a cake from Nigella...