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  1. Benshell

    Kids In Elementary School

    Hi - I'm the "good news" poster. WHen my child was diagnosed, I didn't know any better and the first year was a learning...
  2. My daughter has celiac and no one else in the family does. I make our family dinners 100% gluten free - MOSt of the time...
  3. Quick question, my daughter who has celiac has started to complain about armpit oder. Her pediatric endo said she can...
  4. Benshell

    Good News

    I cook ALL of the holiday meals for our family/extended family. However, I started doing this before diagnosis just because...
  5. Benshell

    Good News

    We're venturing into camp possibly this year. I have the luxury of working from home, so previous summers my daughter...
  6. Benshell

    Postive Blood Test For Celiac

    The chances of a false positive are almost none, false negatives are more common. Also, once you have one auto-immune...
  7. First - it is not your fault! Whomever was left in charge was responsible for giving your son gluten. Had it been a...
  8. Benshell

    Good News

    I know this may be long - but for all those struggling or just starting out...please read, I guarantee it will make you...
  9. Benshell

    Wondering About Genetesting And Celiac Disease

    my 8 year old has celiac, was diagnosed when she was 5. We have not had the genetic tests done in the family (too expensive...
  10. My 8 year old daughter is doing a research project on Celiac Disease. She is in the gifted & talented program at...
  11. Benshell

    Are Docs Skeptical Of Celiac Dx Without Biopsy?

    Best way to answer you is to tell our story. My now 8yr old was diagnosed with Celiac at age 5 via blood work (symptoms...
  12. I'm hoping some experienced parents can help me figure this out. My 8 year old daughter was sent home sick from school...
  13. My daughter is going into 2nd grade and I've spoken to the teacher about her celiac and the precautions that need to...
  14. Benshell

    Any One Else's Child Diagnosed But Asymptomatic?

    My now 7 yr old was diagnosed a year ago at age 6 was also almost completely asymptomatic..just a few tummy aches and...
  15. Just need some help/feedback/examples. My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed last year with very few physical symptoms...