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  1. Infection can trigger celiac disease if there is a predisposition to it so yes it is possible that the parasites indirectly lead to the development of celiac disease. I am curious what types of critters these were. Tapeworms? Protozoa? You mention bowel obstructions so I would assume that roundworms...
  2. I can totally relate. I'm on a very strict diet as well - fresh meat, some veggies, minimal fruit, no processed foods and absolutely no grains. Practically everything social here involves food as well. It's really looked down on to not be able to eat what everyone eats, it's just part of the culture...
  3. Bactrim is commonly given for UTI and is very effective. It's a sulfa drug and is supposed to be relatively safe, although yes, some people get really sick from it - like with any other antibiotic. When you take antibiotics, they kill all types of bacteria they are effective against - indiscriminately...
  4. Butter has milk solids, so YES there is caesin in it. Not much, but it's there. If you want butter without the caesin, look into "clarified butter" (also known as) Ghee.
  5. Yes, eggs bother me. My whole gut gets very sick after I eat eggs. I've been tested and I am not allergic to them. Anyone know if chickens fed gluten in the feed transfers the gliadin proteins to the eggs? The eggs I used to buy were from a very small farm, but the farmer did feed them some whole...