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    Have you tried contacting the University? I spoke with a Endocrinologist the other night for two hours and she helped me immensely.......with education about celiac. She's from the U. If you haven't found anyone I could ask her who she...
  2. Sparty

    Could I Have Celiac?ve An Answer?

    Well, I like you have gained weight with this Celiac disease. I gained 25 pounds in one year, even though most people lose weight. I have not had your BM issues but then again symptoms really differ between people. I would get tested...
  3. Sparty

    Anyone Have Any Bleeding?

    did you do anything to treat the endometriosis?
  4. Sparty

    Anyone Have Any Bleeding?

    OMG....that is awful! I did see my obgyn last week and I am scheduled for a laproscopy to see if I have endometriosis. Your the second person to tell me that they had to have a hysterectomy from "issues". I guess I somehow got it in...
  5. Sparty

    Celiac Disease?

    it is a simple blood test! yep, that's it!
  6. your story is amazing! just can't believe dr's aren't more trained or aware of this disease. but thank you for heads up.....i will wait 4-5 days and pray pain will be gone then!
  7. For the Ladies Only! Has anyone had any bleeding? I have back pain something fierce along with bleeding. Help please!
  8. OMG! I have such terrible back pain I can't stand it. I was diagnosed this summer so I am pretty new to this whole disease and find myself quite lost actually.!! I was beginning to think something was seriously wrong with my back.....