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  1. RobynJ

    We Got Glutened At Playgroup- Again....

    Thanks. I think I am going to try and steer towards things with just one or two families. It is easier to control the food. Maybe we can try a splash pad or something. I think being pregnant tired and stressed makes it worse. We do go out- just not to the big group things. We haven't been to a birthday party since September. They are just too much for me. Thank you for the support. I think I just don't have time to be super active in group right now. I just need to focus on my family. My true friends will have to understand that.
  2. RobynJ

    High Igg Gliadin But Neg Everything Else

    You might want to have her get a RAST (blood allergy test). In addition to gluten my son was also allergic to Eggs. You could do the test and see if an intolerance to gluten appears. You could always try gluten free for a month and see if it helps. My son gained 4 lbs the first month and his behavior completely changed. Even if she is neg for celiac it doesn't mean she doesn't have an intolerance. At least that is my understanding.
  3. So I have been a part of this mom's group since my son was little (before we found out about the celiac and other allergies). At first they were not very understanding about my son's celiac, but lately they have been trying. One of the mom's left open a container of goldfish crackers. I have talked to my almost three year old about not eating anything without asking mommy- sometimes I think he sees everyone else eat them and so he wants too. He got to a cracker before I could stop him. So my questions are: 1. How do you deal with playgroups? Do you only attend events where there will be NO food? Did you have a trick to keep your young child from getting into stuff they shouldn't? Should I just leave the group and only do play dates with individuals so there is more control over the food? 2. We have found if we give my son charcoal (at the instruction of his NMD) it takes away most of the symptoms. We usually have to mix the charcoal into ice cream or juice to get him to eat it.... but that is almost rewarding the behavior.... Should I wait on the charcoal to help him make the connection that these food will really make him sick? I know I must sound like a horrible mother. I don't want him to hurt or be sick- but those stupid crackers are everywhere. Sorry- I guess I am just pregnant and upset. Just need opinions form people who understand what it is like and maybe have some experience.
  4. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Rock-Salt-Enc...Rib/Detail.aspx Do you think this will work with a mix like Pamela's or Bob's Red Mill?
  5. I know they are not exactly known for being gluten-free friendly. Do you think I would be okay just getting like the grilled salmon? Any other suggestions?
  6. RobynJ

    Diarrhea For Almost 3 Weeks

    I will try CC first- since no elimination will diet will work without fixing any CC issues. Thanks... I do need to check the lotions and the shampoos in the house. I checked his- but maybe he is getting off one of us. Thanks
  7. My son has been gluten-free for about 2.5 months. After going gluten-free we saw improvements in the size and the form of his stools after the first couple of days. He started to have growth spurts like crazy and his temperament improved dramatically. On Halloween my cousin made him cupcakes (gluten-free), but some residual flour in her sugar made him sick. The next day he told me his stomach hurt and acted like he was getting a cold. He was lethargic and aggressive. He then started with big, muddy stools like he had before. The last couple of weeks his morning poops only are watery. This is the only symptom that has continued. I called the NMD she suggested charcoal- I did that. It didn't really help. I have been trying to be extra CC aware (except his preschool let him play with playdough yesterday ). Is ongoing diarrhea like this normal? Or should I be worried there is something else going on?
  8. RobynJ

    gluten-free Thanksgiving

    This might not be an option for you, but I decided to offer to cook the entire thing. I am making everything gluten free, egg free, carrot free, dairy free (my son has multiple food issues). I was concerned about CC from the kitchen or serving utensils. My family thinks I am over the top too- so I figured this was the best way. I am sure you have talked to your mom about this- but make sure the turkey is gluten-free. Depending where she shops a lot of the turkeys will have broth injected in them that could contain gluten. If you have a Costco near you they have little precooked turkey breasts. You could bring one of those some of you own potatoes, and a desert treat for your little one. Just keep her on her own food, but make it Thanksgiving stuff. Tell you mom ahead of time. With my family who thinks I am over the top (even after he got sick from a tiny amount) I just tell them- "Yes, I am over the top, crazy, extremist. But I am a mom, that is my job, right? "
  9. This is the first time he has gotten sick. So I don't know if it is normal or not. He still has loose stools. He is on probiotics- so maybe I will call the naturopath and see if it is okay if I up the dose or if she has something else that helps. He is over 2 so I will look this up! Thanks for the advice. I do feel bad- but I guess you are right- there is no way for me to protect him from everything. Thank you again.
  10. RobynJ

    Playgroups And Toddlers

    Thanks I appreciate it. I think I feel more comfortable about the whole thing now. I think I was just overwhelmed the day I first posted this.
  11. RobynJ

    Playgroups And Toddlers

    He is lactose intolerant too.
  12. Okay. I just we will just have to keep an eye out and wait it out then. Thanks!
  13. My cousin made gluten free cupcakes for him on Halloween. The next day he was sick. I think residue flour in her sugar or in her flour sifter is what made him sick. Last Sunday he seemed aggressive and a little sick. Monday he told me his tummy hurt and seemed really off. He still isn't himself and his bloated tummy is back. That was Saturday and he is still having watery stools. So my question- how long does a reaction from being glutened usually last? How can I tell if he is getting sick from something else or if this is one long reaction? Is there anything I can do to help ease the symptoms (beyond making sure he gets enough water and no more gluten)? I have been going through his food and I don't see anything that should be causing a problem- unless it is CC or he is getting something I don't know about... Sorry if this is a dumb or unanswerable question we are still pretty new at this...
  14. RobynJ

    Baking / Teachers And School

    I am new to all this- but if you had a note from your GI, you asked her not to- as her mother, and she obviously still does not understand that she is putting your child at risk of getting sick. I would go to the principal. I think the teacher needs to understand that this is not you trying to deny your daughter the opportunity - but you are trying to keep her healthy.
  15. RobynJ

    Playgroups And Toddlers

    I did have them over and I asked them to keep it gluten free. My sister just moved in with us for a few months and so I don't think we will be able to have people over as much since she works different hours.