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  1. Frances03

    Can You Help Me With This Rash?

    Actually I am wondering if this sounds like a celiac rash. I don't know what I would be eating that would have gluten...
  2. I have celiac disease and was diagnosed in 09 and have been gluten free since then. Occasionally I get this rash, but...
  3. These kinds of posts annoy me so much!! "We just called La Choy and said it was not gluten free". Why do you do things...
  4. They contain barley. Here's the ingredients: INGREDIENTS: SUGAR, PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED PALM KERNEL OIL, COCONUT...
  5. I dont know why I thought they were gluten free, but just wanted to post that they aren't, in case someone else should...
  6. Frances03

    Are Places Like Panera & Chipotle Safe?

    I personally love Chipotle. I've been in to MANY different ones all over, and they ALWAYS change their gloves and all...
  7. Frances03

    Something That Really Annoys Me!

    Hey, that's a good idea! I'll just do that from now on, thanks! See, I knew I would get a solution if I posted, now...
  8. Frances03

    Something That Really Annoys Me!

    Okay I will try that. At least that gets me the last 24 hours worth, but the rest of the things I will have to hunt...
  9. Sometimes, I cannot get here to read the posts for a few days. When I click on new content, it nicely brings up all...
  10. Yeah I know they aren't them most healthy choice out there! But hey, I'm pregnant, and one craving I get is for those...
  11. I would recommend rescheduling the endoscopy. Being gluten free is not easy. It's also not easy explaining to people...
  12. Wow. I appreciated the original article's intent to point out the TRUTHFUL lacking nutritional quality in mainstream...
  13. Okay these are really REALLY good. I only post recipes we LOVE. Hope someone else likes it too. 1 1/2 cups gluten...
  14. Frances03

    Pie Crust!

    Yes the crust held together perfectly for the quiche! It stood up just like a regular crust and it was even somewhat...
  15. I use my vitamix to grind up brown rice, white rice, millet, etc. Not sure if it would qualify as superfine, since I...