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  1. Thanks HTH! I'll look at those. We do love coconut! I;ve also done research this morning and Bertolli says their olive oil is gluten-free w/no cross contamination. Also called crisco, and though they make a veg spray w/flour in it, they say it is kept separate and all other oils from them are 100% gluten-free no cross contamination.
  2. Yep, went to spectum's page and their cooking oils share the machinery with wheat germ oil. AAAHHH!!! How do I know that someone elses won't??
  3. I would never have thought that 100% veg oil would be a problem, but there must be cross contamination. Both my son and I have gotten sick with spectrum safflower oil as well as 2 "generic" oils - a soybean oil and a generic safflower. Can anyone tell me what brands of oil we might find safe? I have none now and desperate to get some safe oil. thanks so much Beth
  4. After several weeks of searching and making phone calls to people who should know if Moxie is gluten-free, but didn't..as well as one call to a bottler that said, "What's GLUTEN?" I found that Coca Cola bottling co of New England bottles Moxie and according to Justin who is in charge of the moxie's, "Moxie has been tested and is 100% gluten-free" That is of course as of 12/22/09. Things change, always check. yay!! Got my moxie's back!
  5. I think you have a good idea buying them in the shells. All the shelled nuts I find in the store have been processed w/wheat and my son has gotten sick on more than one occasion from cross contamination on a food that was supposed to be gluten free but processed w/wheat....
  6. We are about a month into our gluten free life after my youngest sons celiac diagnosis. We are having a hard time finding nuts (peanuts or cashews) that have NOT been processed in a facility with wheat. Are there any safe brands? thanks so much! Beth
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