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  1. Has anyone had any experience with gluten-free in South Africa? I'm thinking of going to Cape Town next year. I've read about some of the local eats and seems like there's a lot of bread heavy dishes but I can probably skip those fairly easily.
  2. I disagree, at least as far as my own system is concerned. I've had several reactions that were tied back to caramel coloring.
  3. I think anxiety just made the problem worse for a day, but I'm convinced it's not the underlying problem. It's been going on since I was 18 and it happens day or night, no matter what I've got going on. The day I posted this topic it was worse than normal but that could've been because of allergies...
  4. I feel like it's getting easier now.. For a few days it was really bad but I'm sure it was worse because I was thinking about it. I took a Xanax at one point so I would calm down. I think it was a mix of anxiety and maybe iron loss (my aunt was in town). I still have the issue but compared to those...
  5. I've had iron and B12 deficiencies for a while. Last time I had blood work the B12 was back up but no word on the iron. I'm due to have it tested again in a couple of months but in the meantime I'm still taking supplements on top of multi-vitamins.
  6. The low iron would make sense, especially considering the timing...
  7. I've noticed some extra hunger but nothing that's kept me up at night. I usually eat several small meals throughout the day at the advice of the nutritionist. I'll try adding something closer to bedtime.
  8. Yep, exactly. It's not so bad some days but today it's bad. The bad kind that makes me feel a bit panicked about it. For a time I thought it was related to seasonal allergies, and thought that Singulair had an effect. I stopped it for a while and now that I'm on it again it doesn't help (though...
  9. My GI said he didn't think it was related, but I'm not convinced. When I was 19 I started noticing that I was often having to take deep breaths to feel like I was getting any air. Now at 25 I feel it all the time, every day, and it's more like I have to sigh or yawn in order to feel like my lungs...
  10. I've never had issues with sleep in the past (unless I was particularly stressed about something, then I might lay awake for an hour) but since going gluten free a couple of weeks ago I've been having trouble every single night. I'm having trouble getting to sleep then staying that way (but part...