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  1. I have a reaction to the sulfites in wine or anything else. It is ridiculouse how many products contain sulfites and other similar sulfa preservatives. By far, the worst reaction is to metabisulhites. I used to drink much more than I do now. It seems I can't tolerate alcohol anymore. Maybe nature is teaching me a little lesson. Thomas
  2. you describe the classic description of low blood sugar. eat some protein when you feel dizzy and spaced out.
  3. So, today I am exactly 4 weeks gluten free. Had some accidental glutten poisoning last weekend which resulted in another breakout of hives and no sleep that lasted almost one week. I have only been half-heartedly toying with the dairy free experiment up until 3 days ago. I would occasionally add a dollop or two of yogurt to a smoothie or put a little cream in my coffee which resulted in minor gas and scant bloating. But I decided to completely forgoe the dairy products for a few days just to see if there were any improvements to be had. And guess what? I have had this wonderful strange sense of calm. I slept good for the last 2 nights and my muscles are relaxed and not tense. This nasty shoulder, neck, and back tension has lifted considerably. I am almost giddy with anticipation over what the future might be like if this healing continues. The physical part of this disease sucks, to be sure. But the most significant effect on me is neurological. The nerve problems and insomnia have been unbearable. I found myself actually thanking God for this gluten problem (along with the other intolerances). This is something that I can control. Up until now, I felt like my health was completely out of control and my downward spiraling health problems seemed unstoppable. This can make anyone depressed. But the mytery has finally been exposed. I am thankful that this lifelong problem has a name and I am not dying of some mysterious, unspeakable disease. I can finally move forward in life and be confident that I can engage in anything I want. I have been held back too long. All this being said, I hope I haven't spoken prematurely about being "healed". I still have a long ways to go and can only pray for my sleep to improve. It's a long way up from the very bottom. Thomas
  4. I am in a very similar situation. My health has steadily declined over the last two years. Without going into the gruesome details, my situation is very similar to Becky's. I can honestly say that my biggest issue with my wife is her not recognizing that my health issues are quite real and not an issue of motivation, self pity or depression. I used to be a very robust, active person. I hate it that my wife has to tiptoe around my dietary requirements. I don't like it either. But this is not something that I chose. IT chose me. It would be nice to have that recognition from her. I am quite frustrated at the "rolling eyeballs" I get when I say "I can't eat that". Yes, a little understanding would be nice but I get little to NO support. I feel like I'm a stranger in my own home. I have been married for 15 years. Unfortunately, there is little love left. Counseling only works if the parties involved give a sh!t. Thanks for the venue to vent, Becky. Thomas
  5. The exact same thing happened to me. After being VERY careful for three weeks and having NO hives, I had a breakout on my feet and ankles. The only thing I consumed that was different from normal was having a rum and diet coke and two sips of a vodka tonic. The hives didn't go away for 4 days. Thomas
  6. This sucks. I really liked having a few drinks several times per week. It seems my system has changed so much over the last few years. Bummer. Alcohol consumption is definitely out of the question now. My vices have become fewer and fewer. I'm not too fond of reality as it currently is. Thomas
  7. I do not drink alcohol that much anymore but the last few times I consumed alcohol I felt HORRIBLE. I had a rum drink that messed me up. Even gluten free beer made me feel awful. I am just wondering if it is me or does this celiac thing affect our sensitivity to alcohol, too. Thomas
  8. This is exactly the thread I needed to see posted here. Insomnia has been a lifelong thing for me (see my blog). Unfortunately, I now realize that I have been masking my gluten intolerance my whole life-- with insomnia being just one notable symptom Doctors have been treating the symptoms and not the cause. This is VERY typical. This lead me to believe I had other problems when all along it was all about the gluten. I have a real important comment to make about this: BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT TAKING PRESCRIPTION SLEEP AIDS. They are VERY addictive and are extremely difficult to get off of. The withdrawals from commonly prescribed drugs for sleep and anxiety such as Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, Temazepam, etc. (all benzodiazepines) and even Ambien are severe. I have first hand knowledge of this and would not wish this kind of torture on my worst enemy. That being said, I am just now starting to find my sleep a little better after being gluten free for 3 weeks. YAY! Thomas
  9. Sounds like you're improving too!

    Quite a new lifestyle isn't it?

    Manage well!

  10. .....hmmm. So I can forget instant gratification, huh? I gues we all want to see overnight results. I have seen some posts that claim an "immediate" improvement. I will say my gut has made an immediate improvement. I am still awaiting an improvement in my joint pain and sleep issue. I would gladly live in pain for the rest of my life if I could just sleep deeply and soundly. Sad but true. Thomas
  11. ....same constipation/motility problem here. Magnesium works excedingly well.....sometimes too well, and can be a little harsh. I try to use a natural solution whenever possible for simple ailments. I suggest drinking aloe vera juice as a remedy. There are many benefits to using aloe vera. You can find it in any health food store and even grocerystores. Go ahead and google it. You will thank me later. Thomas
  12. Well, after the first week I noticed HUGE improvements in the gas and bloating dept. But I started having this ringing in my ears. And that thing where all the sound completely goes out in one ear, then slowly comes back. I also have waves of the exact same "stupor" you describe, tmbarke. I feel a little drunk or something....very foggy. Good. I'm glad I'm not alone. Hey CGally81, I have the muscle twitching, too. Like, REAL bad. This has been going on for several years for me so it may be a symptom of gluten intolerance, not a withdrawal symptom (for me). Very maddening symptom. But I have a question to ask you, Cgally: are you taking any medication? Do you still experience this twitching? I have a very good reason for asking this (hope it doesn't sound nosey). I must say the weird muscle twitching is slightly better since going gluten free. The other most bothersome thing is a sharp pins and needles feeling in my feet at night. I am chalking this up as gluten withdrawal. I am sorry we have so many similar things going on but a little relieved, too! Thomas
  13. I am going on 3 weeks being gluten free. I just started going dairy free as well because I still have some issues that are simply not improving. I have seen a reference somewhere to going through a "withdrawal" after eliminating gluten from the diet. My question is this: Do people really have withdrawal-type symptoms associated with this? If so, what are yours? I am hesitant to describe mine as they may be associated with something else enitely, but I doubt it. I am curious to know what others experience who are gluten sensitive (or other food sensitivity) after giving it up. Thomas
  14. When I was a teenager I began to realize that the food I ate directly affected how I felt physcially. Years later, I determined that food had a profound affect on how I felt mentally as well. I always wondered why others could easily consume "junk" food without the same ill effects I suffered. I became famous as the resident insomniac and even more famous for the after-affects of eating pizza and drinking beer (or ANYthing else for that matter). The gas and bloating was more than a mere discomfort and I became more and more miserable over the years trying to hide and tame the symptoms of what I now know is a gluten intolerance . Looking back on it all, I am amazed that I didn't figure out the connection to wheat much earlier. Some foods had an almost instant impact on my system and hit me like a sledgehammer. Other things were more sinister and didn't hit me until a day later or so, making the gluten connection more elusive. I went through weeks and months at a time of severe intestinal distress. MRIs and various barium associated tests revealed nothing. Nor did neurological evaluations to explain unending muscle twitches, vertigo, confusion, and many other strange and frightening symptoms. Periodic skin eruptions with unimaginable itching was passed of as hives due to stress, and my continuous joint and muscle aches and pains were met with indifference by doctors. I actually bought into the assertion that I was depressed and needed an anti-depressant medication to help me function normally. It wasn't until I began anti-depressants that I truly understood what it meant to be morbidly depressed. This was clearly not the answer for me. I became desperate to seek balance in my life and spent hundreds of hours doing research to get to the bottom of my health crisis. I tried heavy vitamin and mineral supplementation. I became a vegetarian and lost 30 pounds that I didn't have to lose (and scared the sh!t out of my family and doctor in the process), all-the-while consuming gluten containing grains. Nothing had ANY meaningful impact on my horrendous sleeping pattern and physical ailments. Interestingly, the only thing that gave me a ray of hope was delving into meditation and pursuing spiritual endeavors (though admittedly, the results were inconclusive if not short lived). Part of the reason this whole gluten connection was so hard to determine was because my symptoms were not typical for celiac disease. I never had the chronic D that I hear most people describe. My problem is that I have numerous food sensitivities and it never was "just one thing", such as gluten. I am still in the process of elimination, but I have sensitivies (allergies?) to dairy and certain fruits and vegetables. I am still in the process of figuring this all out. I am just relieved to know that there is a real reason why I have been feeling like I do and it's not all "in my head" Thomas
  15. I have been doing lots of research on this concept too. The bottom line is that humans were never really meant to ingest so much wheat and grains. Although our lifestyles have evolved from being "hunter-gatherers" our biochemistry has not. Our sedentary lifestyles and our need for convenience has led us io cultivate and consume foods not meant for us. No wonder so many people have food allegies. Thanks for you eloquent and insightful post. Thomas
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