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I have just been diagnosed (2/11/10) with Celiac Disease. I have had symptoms and have been "sick" for 16 years now. I started the diet today (2/14/10) and I'm looking forward to feeling better.

  1. i have struggled with chronic nausea and other GI issues for 23 years. No doctor could ever figure out what was causing it. About 8 years ago a new doctor I saw felt strongly that it was Celiac. My blood test was negative but she was so sure it was Celiac that she sent me for an endoscopy. The GI...
  2. it's day 1 of the diet. So far so good.

  3. I am going to see the GI doc on the 17th. That's the earliest appt. I could get. I will keep you posted.
  4. Thank you for your comments. I have not started a gluten free diet yet. My doctor wants me to wait until my tests are done. I am going to see my doctor on Friday. I am hoping to set up the endoscopy right away. I was so disappointed yesterday because my doctor was so sure that I have Celiac and...
  5. I have been sick for 15 years now. I know how long it's been because I was 14 years old and starting my sophomore year of high school when it started. I have chronic nausea, fatigue, and a bunch of other symptoms that are annoying. My main complaint is nausea. I have had so many tests done over...