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  1. It took me approximately 9 months of going gluten free before all my issues cleared up. I have been educating my 3 adult...
  2. CarbQueen


    I think it would be cool to have a gluten-free establishment.
  3. CarbQueen


    Other intolerances/sensitivities are probably rearing their ugly head.....after a year of trial and error I discovered...
  4. CarbQueen

    The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

    My 1st time back in months....this makes me wonder why I stayed away so long....I think I'm feeling much better now,...
  5. CarbQueen

    Something Made Me Sick...?

    I finally booked an appointment with an allergist after I initiated an eliminations diet 5 years ago. The list of allergens...
  6. I had to give up cat sitting for a friend because the cat was making me sick whenever she licked me. It was even harder...
  7. I started seeing a doctor, when I was about 10 years old because I would get an occasional irregular heart beat. He...
  8. I shopped for a doctor who would listen to my concerns and understood celiac disease/gluten intolerance. Now, I plan...
  9. CarbQueen

    Does The Craziness Go Away?

    I went for allergy testing on Jan 20th. Glutened a few days before appointment, and I prepared a casserole of suspected...
  10. Be careful with items that say traces of such and such. Especially, if you may/maynot be allergic to it. I am allergic...
  11. Boy.....where to begin. Started dating new guy 2006. I had 1st blackout in my life on our first date. Fortunately...
  12. CarbQueen

    Does The Craziness Go Away?

    I've had gluten intolerance all of my life. Whenever I started consuming too much carbs I would get the crazies/ADHD...
  13. CarbQueen

    Panic Attacks & Gluten

    The panic attacks I've experienced were related to allergic reaction to chemicals, and certain food. Daily yoga sequences...
  14. I followed an elimination diet to determine which items were allergens. Once I eliminated those items all my symptoms...