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  1. i dont think it is soy bc i am pretty sure i have that on a regular basis and dont have the tooth pain on a regular basis.
  2. Tonight i was at Steak n' Shake and i only got a shake because thats all i wanted and then on our way back to campus my jaw muscle started cramping almost like a charliehorse in my jaw muscle and i have never experienced this before. Has anyone else had this? I have had jaw problems for a few years now. I wear a biteplate so that i dont clench my teeth at night. Lauren
  3. Ok, so the other day i ate something that i thought was gluten free but then later that evening i started stuttering and having the usual fog symptoms. but i didnt have any intestinal symptoms at all which is weird for me, i usually have severe intestinal cramping. then the next day my teeth hurt and i have had this before but had never related it to celiac before and then when i was in class and i said something about it one of my classmates said that teeth do not feel. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? It is usually my front teeth but sometimes my molers also. Lauren
  4. On that site it does not say anything about rye, barley, oats, or corn. The powdered sugar that we have at home has cornstarch in it, and the one that i have here on campus with me has cornstarch in it as well, every brand is different, i have domino. It is just smart to check labels no matter what the food is. I once was eating corn tortilla chips and then decided to check the bag and there was wheat in them. Lauren
  5. I am a college student and all of my friends and hall mates know that I am gluten free. Last night at dinner i was in the cafeteria and one of my friends said this joke: Hey Lauren, you promise you won't get offended?...you should give up gluten for lent next year! I found this really funny and am still laughing about it!!! Lauren
  6. It is not, when i was at home last my dad who is not gluten free told me about this and then we checked out powder sugar and it said that it had cornstartch in it. I dont know why it is like this but i am just warning eveyone. Lauren
  7. Pamela's pancake mix makes a really good carrot cake but it looks like you are good to go on flour stuff. Make sure to check your powdered sugar, some brands have flour in it to keep from sticking together but other brands use corn starch, just check it before using it. Lauren
  8. here is a recipe that my family has been doing for the holidays for years!!! you boil sweet potatoes til about aldente and then pull them out of the water and let cool, after that peel them and cut into large chunks and put them into a baking dish add chucked apples any kind that you want, then on top of the apples and sweet potatoes put pecans, brown sugar, and butter or substitute and bake til bubbling hot!!! It is so good. That is going to be the one thing i will miss this thanksgiving!!! Lauren
  9. I know that Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus Ohio puts one on every year...it is pretty big and they even have stuff for kids while the parents go to seminars and stuff. I am pretty sure that is has already passed this year bc it is in November but i could be wrong it might be this coming weekend!!! Hope this helps, Lauren
  10. ok, i know that i am again new to this forum but i am not new i have just signed up again, and on this topic i have a question... didnt the labeling laws change a year ago August in our favor that things had to be labeled gluten free if they are? Lauren
  11. I know this is not a graham cracker type of crust but they may have one. I really like the gluten free pantry pie crust!!! Its like a regular pie crust! And i had a stuffing recipe save from a couple of years ago that was pretty good but i am not sure if we still have it. YOu may be able to find it on here from posts a long time ago because this is where i got it!!!
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